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Know Your Foe: Miami RedHawks Edition

A wise man once said that knowing is half the battle but the other half is actually scoring against your opponent. Here is everything you need to know about the Miami Hurricanes RedHawks

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

After a one week hiatus Know Your Foe is back and this week features the Miami University RedHawks. However before any pretext there are three facts about Miami University that we all need to get straight:

  1. Miami University is not University of Miami
  2. RedHawks are not Hurricanes
  3. Miami University is in Oxford, OH not Miami, FL.
And with that out of the way it is time once again to talk about a small school with an excellent academic reputation and a lackluster athletic one (at least in terms of football). Wipe away the tears, pour weed killer on a four leaf clover and prepare for another week of Michigan Football by Knowing your Foe: The Miami RedHawks.

  • Miami University was founded in 1809, while the University of Miami was founded in 1925. Yet Miami University is the one who puts the "(OH)" after their name, despite having been around for 116 more years. I'm not sure exactly what that says about Miami University, but it probably isn't flattering.

  • Miami University is located in Oxford, OH. Oxford is a town of 21,000 people located in 6.68 square miles of land. If I could find more to say about this town I would say it now.

  • The official motto of Miami University is "To Accomplish Rather Than To Be Conspicuous." Considering their neighbors in Columbus, I'd say this motto is a nice change of tone.

  • Miami University was actually considered one of the original eight Public Ivy School along with the University of Michigan when the term was first used in 1985. Michigan Football is 15-5 against the other seven Public Ivies.

  • Notable Alumni also include Benjamin Harrison, the 23rd President of the United States. Harrison was the only President to lose his job to the President he replaced (Grover Cleveland). President Ford suffered no such indignity.

  • Miami University has produced various politicians including Paul Ryan and the former Prime Minister of South Korea. Are you a Democrat or Kim Jong-un? Then you don't like Miami University.

  • Paul Brown graduated from Miami University in 1930 and went on to found both the Browns and the Bengals. Thank you?

  • Miami RedHawk football is played in Yager Stadium which is roughly 1/4th the size of Michigan Stadium. Cute.

  • The RedHawks used to be called the Redskins but changed the name in 1996 due to racial sensitivity. Don't be surprised to see Washington follow suit and the new Miami name to be Miami (OH) RedHawks (OH).

  • The RedHawks are led by first year head coach Chuck Martin who Michigan fans will like because he coached Grand Valley State to two DII NCAA Titles, but who Michigan fans will hate because he coached various positions at Notre Dame from 2010-13.

  • Notable Football Alumni include Ben Rothlisberger Roethlezburger Wrathlisthebarger Roethlis .. Big Ben from the Steelers!

  • Miami University is known as the "Cradle of Coaches" and routinely produces great coaching talent. While this school did produce Bo, it also gave the world Hayes, Tressel, Sean Payton, and the lesser but luckier Harbaugh brother (hint: the one that didn't go to Michigan). We can accept Hayes because of Bo but the rest are unforgivable.

  • The "Cradle of Coaches" phenomenon has also led to an impressive 7-3 record in bowl games, including a 3-0 record against the SEC. To compare, Ohio State has a 3-10 bowl record against the SEC. (Expansion idea anyone?)

  • Finally and most importantly, the RedHawks have played the Wolverines 5 times between 1924 and 2008. They are (OH)-5.