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Hoops Thread: Michigan at Ohio State

Worst timing ever!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

My sources tell me that Ohio State won a big football game last night, which makes the timing of this evening's game very inopportune for the Wolverines. The crowd in Columbus is going to be absolutely supernova-like in their fire, and they'll be ready to work over their biggest rival to just add to their joy. This is going to be rough.

Michigan's coming off an incredible come-from-behind win over the Gophers on Saturday, but today's situation is not conducive to falling behind and working your way back. The Buckeyes lost to Indiana in stunning fashion on Saturday, and I get the feeling that they're going to want to make a statement against Michigan. Check out Fouad's preview for some more analysis, including a comparison of Michigan basketball to the Millennium Falcon. Yep.

In case you're interested in how the enemy sees this game, you can read AJ King's piece here. But you're not interested in what LGHL thinks, are you? I'm not, but I have to link to different things here and there.

It's early afternoon, I got up very early again today (for someone who works the night shift), and I'd really like to take a nap. So, I'm calling this one "good" for now. I'll see you in the comments. Mind the guidelines, and Go Blue!