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Something Resembling Hockey

Michigan took the lead early and hung on for an uncomfortable road win over Ohio State

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan 10 - Ohio State 6

In the pregame Red Berenson talked about getting started the early and getting the first goal. The Wolverines took that to heart and started great, but they forgot about finishing.

In an attempt to slow down the Wolverine speed and keep a lineup with 10 forwards fresh, the Buckeyes started the game in the neutral zone trap. It didn't work.

With the Wolverines dismantling Ohio State's pressure cutting through the neutral zone at will, Hyman scored the first two goals on behind the net feeds from Larkin and before the 1st period would end Dylan Larkin and Tyler Motte would add a goal each.

The Buckeyes made an effort to get back in the game with two second period goals and two third period goals with Michigan's blueline taking it a little too easy, but Michigan matched the scoring on goals from Andrew Copp, Justin Selman, Motte and Dancs.

The Hyman-Larkin duo played on another level tonight bailing out the team after a late slide, Tyler Motte added two and Justin Selman took over the 4th line center role with an outstanding night. On offense they did everything right and more.

The blueline on the other hand was bad. Getting a huge lead proved to be a detriment as they took their foot completely off the gas, turned the puck over and let the Buckeyes fight back into the game. It's not often a team scores 10 goals and has to relieve their goalie.

With Michigan scoring on their first 3 power play chances and Ohio State coach Steve Rohlik opting to leave Tomkins in the game after 6 goals allowed, the Buckeyes were playing catch up the whole night. They made things interesting late getting within two goals, but in the end Alex Kile got goal #9 and the Wolverines hung on to get an important but uncomfortable road win.