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Former Wolverine shocked Omaha by choosing Michigan, hopes Daishon Neal does the same

Brandon Williams, a former cornerback under Lloyd Carr, elected to choose the Wolverines over in-state school Nebraska in 1999. Now, he is hoping fellow Omaha-native Daishon Neal does the same.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Brandon Williams, an Omaha native and a former cornerback under Lloyd Carr, once boldly spurned Nebraska for Michigan during the peak of its success when he committed in 1999.

Now under Jim Harbaugh, Michigan is hoping to steal away another recruit from the Omaha area. Funnily enough, Williams is all-too familiar with this recruit and his family.

Daishon Neal, a six-foot-seven 250-pound three-star defensive end who is currently committed to in-state school Nebraska, was officially offered a scholarship from Michigan on Monday. Neal's father Abe Hoskins, a former receiver for Purdue and an Omaha native, played with Williams' older brother in high school.

"I grew up watching him play in high school," Williams said. "We all went to Omaha Central."

Omaha Central is where Neal, following in his father's footsteps, currently plays high school football.

Despite connections on the football field, Williams said he and Neal's father talk often. The impact of Williams' decision to play football at Michigan doesn't just affect him personally, it's also a lesson taught by Hoskins' two sons, according to Williams.

"(Hoskins) is a fan of me so he's always respected Michigan, even as a player," said Williams. "He's always told his boys about me, Michigan and how ballsy I was for choosing us (Michigan) over Nebraska. His boys grew up with that story and pops is a Big Ten fan, too."

Now with a Michigan offer in hand, Williams' recruitment of Neal to the Wolverines kicks into overdrive. Even giving an emphatic "hell yeah" if he's been in Neal's ear recruiting before the offer even occurred.

He has never been the type to mince words.

Besides, if anyone knows what its like to spurn his hometown, Williams would be that guy. Whether Neal will be the next Omaha-native to do it remains to be seen, but if it happens, it could be an even bigger deal since Williams did it. With Harbaugh stealing away one former Husker commit already in Reuben Jones, the second one who happens to be an in-state player could be a deathblow.