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Hoops Thread: Michigan vs. Nebraska

Come join us for a basketball discussion all game long!

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Raise your hand if you hate these dinner-time tip-offs in the central time zone.

The Cornhuskers come calling tonight, and they have that weird brand of basketball (Nebrasketball) that can be endlessly entertaining, but also not particularly consistent. This is a team that can lose to Incarnate Word, but then beat Michigan State. That's inconsistency defined.

It's tough to say what will happen tonight, but if you'd like some insight in order make your informed opinion, be sure to read Fouad's preview.

As is usual when I write the game threads, I have a movie playing in the background. Last week was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and I noted in the thread that former Wolverine swimmer Strother Martin had a bit part. Today, I have the 1964 film Fail-Safe, starring Henry Fonda and Walter Mathau, on in the background--check it out if you like movies about nuclear accidents and want to be depressed. I noticed yet another bit part by a Michigan alum (although not an athlete), this time by Dana Elcar, most famous for his role on MacGyver.


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