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Keith Heitzman will not return to Michigan, will explore graduate transfer options

Keith Heitzman elects to not return to Michigan in 2015. He will explore graduate transfer options.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

ANN ARBOR -- For the second time on Friday, a redshirt junior has announced that he will not return to Michigan for a fifth year.

Keith Heitzman, who has spent time as a tight end and defensive lineman, announced on his Instagram account that he will explore graduate transfer options and declined a fifth year at Michigan.

Per the NCAA guidelines, Heitzman would be immediately eligible to play.

"The past few years have been an unforgettable journey full of ever lasting memories, both exciting and saddening," Heitzman said on Instagram. "I have experienced the spoils of winning and the heartbreak of losing. I have always blamed my struggles on external factors and never realized that all of this was part of the process of becoming a Michigan man. It has been the most challenging yet rewarding 4 years of my life and for that I will be forever grateful."

Heitzman finishes his career at Michigan with two receptions for 32-yards and one touchdown on the offensive side of the ball and 15 tackles and one fumble recovery on the defense.