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Game Balls: Chesson and Lewis stun & demoralize Northwestern

Hey, Big Ten, are you afraid yet?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I just don't even know how to do this anymore. I mean, yesterday was a complete annihilation and demoralization of the opponent. How does one choose one player from each side of the ball when so many players contributed? Well, it's almost impossible.

The running backs had a wonderful game against the Wildcats, racking up 201 yards on a defense that was allowing only 117.4 yards per game (only Duke and Ball State rushed for over 100 prior to Saturday), and only one rushing TD. Michigan scored three times on the ground. De'Veon Smith proved that the offense pretty much goes the way he goes--if not in terms of touchdowns, then certainly in toughness and grit; it's reminiscent of the Mike Hart days in that regard. With just about everyone who could carry the ball getting a touch, the Wolverines were able to pretty much have their way on the ground. That being said, there were two players who definitely stood out Saturday afternoon:

Jehu Chesson

Nothing more even needs to be said, but that's one way to take the other team out of the game right away.

Jourdan Lewis

For at least the second week in a row, Jourdan Lewis has proven himself to be one of the best defenders in the Big Ten, and probably in the nation.

Michigan may have already been up 21-0, but if Northwestern's will hadn't been broken before this point, it certainly was after this.


Once again, this really was one hell of an impressive team effort on Saturday. Fullbacks were getting meaningful touches, A.J. Williams was the team's leading receiver(!), and Jake Rudock did a very nice job making great decisions (and, yes, still getting a little lucky).

Next Saturday is going to be phenomenal. See you there!

Go Blue!