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Tuesday Morning Brews: Coaching Carousel

The plot thickens.

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Hitting the Links Waves Goodbye

Urban Meyer, Ohio State Talking Points

This one article does a great job of summing up all of OSU's ongoing storylines.

Kevin Anderson's Search For A Replacement | Candidates

Randy Edsall was indeed fired this week, which ensures at least one coaching search in the Big Ten East this off-season. This is promising to turn into a very exciting ride on the coaching carousel, with several successful mid-majors in Temple, Toledo, Houston and Memphis, and several programs in a position with a lot to prove.

Highlight: Maryland Scores First On Ohio State

Vonn Bell, the party responsible for this score, has struggled in recent weeks, coinciding with Ohio State's pass defense struggling. With better focus, things might get shored up quickly.

Jordan Canzeri Touchdown

With the 256-yard day against Illinois, Canzeri has vaulted up the list of rushing leaders. He's now third behind Elliott and Jordan Howard.

Meanwhile, a big chunk of the Big Ten is still leaning on running back committees. Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Minnesota, and Purdue have all had ongoing battles for time, and Indiana and Illinois have seen back-ups getting starting time because of injuries.

The History of The Game's Best Rivalry Trophy

Yes, it's that time of year. The $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy is back.

Mike Riley's Approach: Pass to Run

This was a telling statement, and it's doubtful that this philosophy will see a lot of success in the Big Ten. And I say that as a guy who thinks there is a big opportunity out there for any Big Ten team if they can recruit elite wideout talent. But still, the run game will always set up the pass as long as the Big Ten stays the way it is.

Now, to offer a major caveat to that statement - I think Nebraska's offensive line as currently constructed fits a pass-to-run approach better. Tough to find success, though.

Report Card: Nebraska

Wisconsin just scored on them again.

Iowa Depth Chart Against Northwestern

The tale of the West has, in many ways, been the result of health and injuries. Iowa and Northwestern have stayed relatively unfettered so far, while Nebraska, Wisconsin and Minnesota have had a downright terrible string of bad luck. It doesn't bode well for Iowa that injuries are starting to catch up to them - while some of the other teams in the West are getting a little bit healthier.

Checking In On Matt Harris

Harris is a terrific competitor, and I have nothing but respect for him and the rest of Pat Fitzgerald's team. Best of luck as he recovers.

David Blough Touchdown

The stats are almost identical between Blough and Austin Appleby - one has a 5/6 TD ratio and 54.5% completions, the other a 4/5 TD ratio and 53.5% completions - but there is enough from Blough's play to be encouraged. It also doesn't hurt that he's put up similar numbers as a redshirt freshman that Appleby has as a redshirt junior.

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Grisly Injury For Nick Chubb

Chubb should be able to recover completely. He ends up with 13 straight 100-yard games, just beating out Herschel Walker's program record. Best wishes and good luck to Chubb.

One-Year Suspension for Florida's Will Grier

Grier has completed 65.8% of his passes on the year, to go along with 10 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Florida fans will not be happy to go back to last year's part-time starter, Treon Harris, although he, too, has experienced something of a resurgence: 70.4% completions, 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions so far. Harris brings more of a mobile dynamic to the quarterback spot.

Steve Sarkisian Fired

Daelin Hayes, a five-star linebacker out of Ann Arbor, decommitted to USC this week, and Isaac Nauta changed plans to avoid an official visit. Whoever replaces Sark will have plenty of talent to work with, but also a lot of questions to answer in one of the toughest divisions in the country.

Goodbye, Coach Spurrier | End of the 4077th

Steve Spurrier, master of the subtle dig, and with a mark of 228-89-2, has retired. He'll be missed.

In his honor, the second link is to the very last scene of M*A*S*H, a classic of its own that started in 1972, when Spurrier was 46 years old.

Calling For The End of Mark Richt's Tenure

Georgia fans are getting restless. Richt, owner of a 140-50 record, would be highly sought after. He has coached the Dawgs since 2001, with two SEC championships, six division championships (most recently in 2011 and 2012), and three appearances in BCS bowls (record: 2-1). Before that, he coordinated Florida State's explosive offenses under Bobby Bowden, was a part of two national championships and coached two Heisman winners.

If the question, though, is what have you done for me lately, then Georgia fans will point to a 22-10 record and 0 SEC East titles since 2013. Georgia is 4-2 so far this year.

Interim AD At Texas Strongly Prefers Nike

The direction in apparel negotiations have turned dramatically since Steve Patterson was fired.