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Week 7 Locks: Hangover Battle Between Kansas State, Oklahoma

Acting as a modern-day damsel in distress, I yearn for Baker Mayfield to pry me from the hands of Bill Snyder

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's a burden to find a more intricate matchup than Oklahoma-Kansas State on Saturday.

Bob Stoops and the Sooners perished beneath the slick antics of Charlie Strong and the Longhorns last weekend in the Red River Rivalry. Kansas State witnessed its 18-point halftime lead dissipate with TCU's Trevone Boykin running wild in the second half.

Hangover spots galore.

It's seemingly a death trap betting against Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder at home. One of the most savvy, cunning mentors in the nation, getting nine points at home, at night, versus a decrepit Horned Frogs defense last weekend was strictly burglary. So Kansas State getting 4.5 points once more on Saturday should fall into place once more, right?

Well, you'd initially perceive, yet I presume that the well has run dry--or at least--for Week 7.

Currently, I'm not so sure that buying into Kansas State this weekend is the correct route. Let's flip back to Week 5 when Snyder and the 'Cats nearly robbed Oklahoma State of a win on the road, only to succumb to a late Pokes score in the latter parts of the final frame.

So I assume K-State erased that loss and took its anger out amidst its home crowd last Saturday. I mean, it undoubtedly appeared that way, considering the offense was humming.

But late magic would propel Boykin and the Frogs to yet another late score on the Wildcats, which doesn't bode well for mentality. So now Kansas State has to get up and mesh with an Oklahoma Sooners team who is very well still in the mix for the Big 12 crown, even with a blemish on Stoops' transcript.

Thumbing through the 'response chart,' Stoops has flourished after losing as a favorite, the offense defining most of the following contests. I've crumbled in my locks when I add charts, but here's how his clubs are performing after losing straight up as a favorite.

Year Loss Result Spread Next Game Result
2014 L, 37-34 OU -3.5 W, 31-26
2014 L, 30-31 OU -7 W, 59-14
2014 L, 48-14 OU -5.5 W, 42-30
2013 L, 20-36 OU -13.5 W, 34-19
2012 L, 19-24 OU -15.5 W, 41-20
2012 L, 13-30 OU -10.5 W, 35-20
2011 L, 38-41 OU -29 W, 58-17
2011 L, 38-45 OU -16.5 W, 26, 6
2010 L, 27-36 OU -3.5 W, 43-10
2010 L, 19-33 OU -4.5 W, 45-7
Average PPG 41.4

So the offensive game plan has revved the engines, and I don't see how OU quarterback Baker Mayfield doesn't slice up a Kansas State defense that has been lacerated versus dual-threat gunslingers.

This is the case where one team is fighting to stay alive while the other wallows on life support. Look for Boomer Sooner to pull the plug and send the Wildcats' 2015 season into a black hole.

Pick: Oklahoma -4.5/Team Total Over 31