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Quick Analysis: What 2017 Running Back Kurt Taylor Brings To The Wolverines

Focusing on this weekend's silver lining: a commitment from running back Kurt Taylor.

In the midst of a harrowing rivalry weekend, some good news came in the form of Kurt Taylor committing to the Wolverines. Taylor, who hails from Covington, Georgia, is currently a three-star recruit on every site except ESPN.

This commitment has been brewing for some time. Taylor visited campus multiple times over the last few months, including the August BBQ and the memorable 31-0 shutout of BYU - after which he had this little nugget to say:

"I'll make my decision after this year, after my junior year. I will definitely know where I want to go by then. After yesterday, I think I know already. It was a lot to like there."

Taylor will bring a lot of skills with him when he finally makes it to Ann Arbor. The high school junior already has very nice balance and decision-making, which allows him to pick the right lanes and navigate a potential scrum at the line of scrimmage. He has a low center of gravity and the ability to spin out of tackles.

He also has good working speed and a lot of power. After first contact, Taylor will almost always pick up more yards. He's athletic enough and strong enough that, even in a pile, Taylor still has a chance to De'Veon Smith his way into the end zone. He's a physical player that uses his tools well, just the kind of guy Harbaugh is trying to add to this team.