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This Wolverines Gameday in History Says Goosfraba

This gameday in history covers some fun topics, like taking both games in a doubleheader, winning the turnover battle while still turning the ball over five times, and shutting out fellow Big Ten opponents. It definitely doesn't talk about losing - Goosfraba - in - Goosfraba - overtime - Goosfraba.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


27-0 vs. Central State Teachers College in 1931

34-0 vs. Michigan Normal in 1931

In theory, a doubleheader to start a football season sounds daunting. Then you look at the schedule, see a couple of schools from Michigan that you've never heard of, realize it's probably not as impressive as you first thought and move on with the rest of your day. Still, failing to surrender a single point in back-to-back games is kind of impressive, regardless of the competition. Michigan fielded their bench in the first game, a 27-0 romp of Central State Teachers College, now known as Central Michigan University. Then the starters squashed Michigan Normal, now known as Eastern Michigan University, 34-0 with four rushing touchdowns and one passing score. The two victories marked the third straight season that Michigan swept a doubleheader to start the year. Instituted in '29, the doubleheaders were meant to draw more fans to the stadium as Michigan struggled with attendance. They did not help at all, and '31 marked the last season the Wolverines opened the year with two games in one day.


20-26 (OT) at Michigan State in 2009

The anger associated with this loss makes me question why I'm even bringing it up, but there's no argument against it being the worst on this gameday in history. For any readers who don't remember this game or weren't watching back in '09, don't bother looking it up. Hopefully a win against the Spartans this year rights our ship in the rivalry, and the last seven years dissolve into a bad dream. For the readers who still feel the pain of that overtime period, sorry for opening old wounds. Just close your eyes and go to a happy place. Goosfraba.


21-0 vs. Navy in 1964

After finishing second in the country a year prior, Navy traveled to Ann Arbor ranked fifth in the nation and 2-0 to start the '64 season. That didn't last for long as Michigan shut out the Midshipmen in a sloppy contest marked by 11 turnovers - five for Michigan, six for Navy. With Hurricane Joaquin bearing down on the east coast, there's a decent chance Saturday becomes a messy affair full of turnovers as well. If that's the case, hopefully the Wolverines take some notes on this game and just run the ball: against Navy, Michigan averaged an interception for roughly every five pass attempts (3 interceptions on 14 pass attempts). After no turnovers against BYU, Jake Rudock doesn't need to ruin his mojo with a similar performance.


39-0 vs. Michigan State in 1925

49-0 vs. Wisconsin in 1987

Running all over another Big Ten opponent* would be choice, Hurricane Joaquin be damned!

*It should be noted that Michigan State didn't enter the Big Ten until 1950

So that wraps it up for Michigan's history on Oct. 3. I'm hoping for a combination of previous games on Saturday. I'd like to see Michigan force (not commit) turnovers like Navy in '64 and score points like Wisconsin in '87. That'd make for a pretty nice start to the conference slate. Go Blue!

Overall Record on Oct. 3

15 - 3

Game Scores

1896 vs. Michigan Normal, 18-0

1903 vs. Case Scientific School, 31-0

1908 vs. Case Scientific School, 16-6

1914 vs. Case Scientific School, 69-0

1925 vs. Michigan State, 39-0

1931 vs. Central State Teachers College, 27-0

1931 vs. Michigan Normal, 34-0

1936 vs. Michigan State, 7-21

1942 vs. Michigan State, 20-0

1953 vs. Tulane, 26-7

1959 vs. Michigan State, 15-20

1964 vs. Navy, 21-0

1970 vs. Texas A&M, 14-10

1981 at Indiana, 38-17

1987 vs. Wisconsin, 49-0

1992 vs. Iowa, 52-28

1998 at Iowa, 12-9

2009 at Michigan State, 20-26 (OT)