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Scouting Report: Terrance Davis

Scouting one of the top uncommitted recruits left in the Big Ten blueprint.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

It may have felt like ages ago when Terrance Davis got his offer to come to Michigan, but mid-November in 2014, when Brady Hoke still roamed the sidelines and Dave Brandon had just been ousted, is less than a year. Davis is a Maryland product out of Hyattsville, and was offered around the same time as Devery Hamilton, another Maryland man who announced Michigan as his leader in the spring and then committed to Jim Harbaugh in June.

For Terrance, though, this recruiting process has been much more exciting. Michigan has led in his recruitment for a while, and they're still viewed as a leader. Late-charging and similarly resurgent Florida has made a good impression of late, and in-state Maryland, Georgia and Alabama are within striking distance. At the moment, this sets up an odd recruiting battle: Michigan's offensive coordinator for 2015, Tim Drevno, is battling against Michigan's offensive coordinator from 2014, Doug Nussmeier. Let the battles begin.

247Sports Composite ☆☆☆☆ Ht. Wt. Top300? Rank
Rivals ☆☆☆☆ 6'4" 307 46 #2 OG
247 ☆☆☆☆ 6'4" 305 77 #3 OG
Scout ☆☆☆☆ 6'2" 311 71 #3 OG
ESPN ☆☆☆☆ 6'4" 315 124 #7 OG

Offers: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Duke, Florida State, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Marshall, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, South Carolina, Tennessee, UCLA, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

Scheme fit: Davis has played on offense and defense for DeMatha High, spending a lot of his time at offensive tackle. In college, he projects to move inside and play as a guard in a smashmouth, pro-style attack with a heavy amount of running.

Strengths: His best asset is his size, which is college-ready.... A very high ceiling.... Shows great strength in his shoulders and pecs.... Flashes of potential as a pass protector....  Can impact multiple defenders on run plays.... Engages in the second level well.... Takes good angles.... Intuitively uses his size to wall off lanes or the pocket for his teammates.... Hustles very well for a lineman when leading his running back.

Weaknesses: Needs to get stronger in his core.... Does not use his hands well enough as a weapon and suffers from poor placement.... Leans in sometimes... Will need to work a lot on pad level and staying low.... In general, gets by on instincts rather than technique.... Slow feet, and forgets to use them.... Doesn't seem very aware of his body or how to use it with precision.... Will probably struggle when he first gets to college.

Speed factor: 1.5 (?)

Let's be clear, Davis is pretty athletic for a guy who looks 310 pounds or more. But his game is defined by raw power and size, and the speed is merely functional rather than fantastic. This is a rough comparison overall, but he has a similar amount of burst to Brady Pallante coming out of high school.

Overall, this is one of the top prospects in the nation, someone who could make a big impact at the college level. With limited space in the 2016 class, Jim Harbaugh is pursuing only a few options on the offensive line - only guys whom he really likes - and Davis is one of them. With some good coaching and hard work, we could easily be looking at All-American honors a few seasons down the road.

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