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Bowl Projections Roundup: Week Nine

Michigan took the weekend off, but did the bowl game in which they are projected to participate change?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan had a bye on Saturday, which meant the Wolverines were able to relax and regroup before they fly to Minnesota, knock on the Gophers' door, and steal all of their candy on Halloween night. Though Michigan didn't play this weekend, other Big Ten teams did, so there was a chance that Michigan's bowl projections could shift. But none of the three Big Ten teams ahead of Michigan in some projections lost. Ohio State spanked Rutgers, Michigan State added a flurry of late touchdowns to make a 52-26 win over Indiana look less competitive than it was, and Iowa also had a bye. Thus, Michigan is projected to play in the same bowl as last week:

(Update: ESPN's new projections swapped Michigan and Iowa, so U-M now in Outback.)

SB NationCitrus Bowl vs. Ole Miss
CBS SportsCitrus Bowl vs. Florida
ESPNOutback Bowl vs. Texas A&M

But I'm sure that you'll like this morsel from SB Nation's Jason Kirk in his projections:

I'll put the (Clemson) Tigers down for 13-0 at the moment, but I've got Ohio State losing at Michigan.

If that happens, I would have to think Michigan would be invited to a New Year's Six bowl. Assuming, of course, that Michigan wins its next four games like it's supposed to.

We'll update this when more projections are released.