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Game Thread: Hurricane Michigan is a-comin'!

That turtle better run and hide in his shell.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The state of Maryland is about to get rocked by a hurricane, but it isn't Joaquin. No, this hurricane is named Michigan, and it's going to blow the shell right off of good ol' Testudo.

Bowling Green and West Virginia outscored the Terps by 93-33, which is really super bad. And if you want us to stop talking about that kind of thing, Maryland fans, then don't let other teams hang a combined 93 points on you. Otherwise we'll keep running over that turtle in the road.

I'm going to be honest and say that I'm super lazy with today's thread (as of writing on Friday afternoon). All of our stuff can be found in the storystream. I'm just not feeling the writing thing today; it's a beautifully chilly fall day in Madison, WI and I want to get out and do some yard work. Gotta mow the lawn with the dullest mower blade around (I'm pretty sure it's round as a pipe, now) and do some edging. We have a huge black walnut tree in the back yard, so I'll probably pick up all of those. Does anyone have any recommendations for prepping black walnuts for human consumption? I let all of the squirrels take the nuts last year, but I'm not letting those bastards win this year!

So that's about it. Comment like this is the most important thread ever (perhaps I should have written it like it was), mind the guidelines, and always Go Blue!

And since I'm feeling really lazy, today's double-dip of tunage is once again brought to you by Postmodern Jukebox (and not for the last time this season)...