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2018 ATH Cam Taylor Reacts to His Michigan Offer and the Prattville Pipeline

He discussed receiving his first offer from Michigan, his relationship with teammates and Michigan commitments Kingston Davis and Dytarious Johnson, and the pipeline Jim Harbaugh is building in Prattville in an interview with MnB.

Cam Taylor is a 6-foot, 189 pound QB/WR from Prattville, Alabama, which has become a huge pipeline for Jim Harbaugh after he hosted a satellite camp in their area over the summer and gave out Michigan offers to multiple players from there.

Maize n Brew was able to catch up with Taylor about his first offer from Michigan.

"No more slacking, or playing...It's all game time, all day everyday" was his initial reaction to receiving an offer from the Wolverines.

Taylor says he wants to play where his team needs him most.

"If I have to play defense I will learn it to my best ability and do my job," he said. "I really like playing receiver, mostly because I don't see anyone guarding me from getting the ball."

Kingston Davis and Dytarious Johnson are both Prattville products that are committed to Michigan. Taylor says he's close with both of them, and that all three of them plan on going to the Michigan vs Ohio State game November 28th. This will be his first visit, and he said he cannot wait to see what's in store in Ann Arbor.

Taylor says that Prattville loves Harbaugh and the general buzz is that there is a pipeline that starts in Prattville and ends in Ann Arbor, and he's completely okay with that pipeline.

"Everyone including myself knows that Coach Harbaugh is a great coach and interacts with his players on and off the field... (Harbaugh) will do anything to win championships, even if it takes him playing ball with us with his shirt off." he said.

Taylor sees a lot of Amara Darboh in his game, and loves how he fits into the Michigan offense. He sees himself in the same spot.

He says that Michigan is his number one right now, and likely will stay that way when he puts out his top five.