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Michigan Jumps to 14th in College Football Playoff Rankings

The Wolverines received a three-spot bump in this week's College Football Playoff rankings.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The College Football Playoff selection committee released its new top-25 rankings on Tuesday night, and Michigan (7-2, 4-1 Big Ten) was placed at No. 14. This is a three-spot jump from the initial CFP rankings last week, in which the Wolverines were No. 17, and Michigan is the highest ranked two-loss team.

This movement is unsurprising as Michigan received a small bump to No. 15 in both the AP and Coaches polls on Sunday as well.

With Michigan State's loss to Nebraska on Saturday, the tiebreaking scenario in which the CFP rankings would be used to determine the school that'd represent the Big Ten East in the Big Ten Championship Game is impossible. There are tiebreakers that the Big Ten will use before the CFP rankings that'd break any tie between Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State. Thus, there's no longer a need to see how Michigan compares to either in this poll for this purpose. From here on out, Michigan will use the CFP rankings just like everyone else: to gauge where it stands in the hunt for the playoffs.

Speaking of which, guess who was ranked No. 14 in the second week of the CFP rankings last season? Ohio State. So don't count Michigan out of the race just yet.

The top four teams in the CFP rankings were Clemson at No. 1, Alabama at No. 2, Ohio State at No. 3, and Notre Dame at No. 4. Iowa and Baylor were the first two teams out, respectively.

Reminder: there are four more weeks of football. Much will change in that time frame.

Here is the full top 25 of this week's CFP rankings:

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Ohio State
4. Notre Dame
5. Iowa
6. Baylor
7. Stanford
8. Oklahoma State
9. LSU
10. Utah
11. Florida
12. Oklahoma
13. Michigan State
14. Michigan
15. TCU
16. Florida State
17. Mississippi State
18. Northwestern
19. UCLA
20. Navy
21. Memphis
22. Temple
23. North Carolina
24. Houston
25. Wisconsin

Where do you agree or disagree with the committee's rankings. Tell us below!