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Rudock Limited in Practice, but No Signs of Concussion

During Monday’s press conference, Harbaugh confirmed that Rudock is improving and would be back in practice that day, albeit limited.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After getting trapped between two Minnesota defenders in the third quarter, Michigan quarterback Jake Rudock was hit in the head and his helmet was knocked off. From that moment onward, it was apparent that Rudock wouldn’t be finishing the game.

During Monday’s press conference, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed that Rudock is improving and would be back in practice that day, albeit limited.

"He got treatment," Harbaugh said. "We’ll see today. He’s going to go out and participate in practice. We’ll see how much he can do. He’ll probably be sore; he’ll probably be limited.

"They did (rule out a concussion). A concussion was never something that was mentioned."

Harbaugh mentioned that there’s no magic formula that determines whether a player can be limited in practice yet still be ready for the game, but he does have to ensure that the player is Michigan’s best option for a chance to win and that the player won’t injure himself further.

Following the hit, backup quarterback Wilton Speight quickly warmed up on the sideline and jumped in to help the Wolverines reclaim the Little Brown Jug, defeating Minnesota 29-26.

Junior Shane Morris warmed up alongside Speight, leaving some fans wondering if Morris would burn his potential redshirt season.

"Back from the beginning of the season, there was a decision to be made with Shane’s input that we’re going to go in the direction of trying to get the redshirt if possible," Harbaugh said. "Wilton has improved, and (there’s) not much more to elaborate on than that."

Though Speight was able to come in and go 3-for-6 for 29 yards and a touchdown, the game came down to the wire.

"In a football game, it never comes down to one play," Harbaugh said. "The goal-line stand at the end was really set up by a lot of plays in the game. If you go back, the play before, James Ross does a great job of staying on his man … or we don’t get to that goal-line stand."

Harbaugh also mentioned that without safety Jabrill Peppers, Michigan wouldn’t have gotten to that point. Peppers made appearances on offense, defense and special teams.

"(Peppers has) a special level of determination, special level of talent, special level of instinct and intelligence," Harbaugh said. "Look at all of the roles he played. He lined up at running back, he lined up at receiver, he lined up at quarterback, he lines up as nickel on defense, he lines up on corner, he lines up on safety, kick return, punt return. He’s carrying a lot of water right now."

Added tight end Jake Butt: "Jabrill is a freak athlete. He can throw, run, catch, all of that."

NOTES: H-back Henry Poggi didn't play against Minnesota because he was out with a bout of pneumonia. Running back Ty Isaac was out due to an "internal matter." When pressed about Isaac again, Harbaugh said "We'll keep you posted. It's none of your business."