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Michigan 4 - BU 2

The Wolverines took the lead early in Boston and never looked back

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It was a strange weekend in the world of Michigan hockey.

Saturday's game played out almost exactly like their Friday game. The Wolverines jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first period starting with a pair of power play goals that came courtesy of Tyler Motte and Alex Kile, both coming from point shots put on net by Mike Downing before capping off the period with Brendan Warren scoring on a breakaway.

The Wolverines feasted on the Terriers early on by throttling them with two forwards deep on the forecheck and pressing with both defensemen at the near blueline. The Terriers struggled against the pressure and didn't look on the same page trying to outlet and they spent the first period coughing the puck up in their own end. When BU was able to get in-zone Michigan made short work of their possessions by dominated along the boards.

Just like Friday the Wolverines went into a conservative shell after taking the lead and with an adjustment by David Quinn the Terriers made a big push coming out of the locker room.

By bringing a forward into the neutral zone and shadowing the far blueline the Wolverine defensemen were forced to play back to avoid being cherry picked, which was what caused the first BU goal when Matt Lane got in behind the defensemen and slid a puck under the pads of Racine.

With the neutral zone wide open the BU forwards went to work; for long stretches at a time they dominated possession while Michigan was content to dump the puck in and get off the ice.

The difference between Friday and Saturday was Boston University couldn't hit the net and when they did manage to get a puck on net Steve Racine was outstanding.

The Wolverines hung on for dear life and survived a half dozen golden opportunities until Kyle Connor made the play of the game.

With BU in desperation mode Connor caught the defenseman flatfooted trying to handle the puck at the blueline and tipped it into the neutral zone. Hanging over the BU player and trying to fight for the puck, Connor got into the BU zone and with one hand knocked the puck to a trailing Max Shuart who sunk it and put the game out of reach.

"I liked our team better tonight." Berenson said postgame. "I thought we played with more purpose and a little desperation."