Bo Schembechler's Words Iced Ohio State's Kicker in the Final Minute in 1986


Jim Harbaugh will be associated with The Game again for the first time since he was a player in 1986, so ESPN's Mark Schlabach cobbled together an excellent oral history of Harbaugh's guarantee that Michigan would beat Ohio State in 1986. The oral history features quotes from Bo Schembechler, Urban Meyer, Bobby Knight, Jon Falk, Chris Spielman, and many more. You definitely should read it.

However, my favorite part had little to do with Harbaugh's guarantee. It had to do with what Schembechler said to Ohio State kicker Matt Frantz as Frantz stood on the field and waited for a TV timeout to end so he could attempt a potential game-winning, 45-yard field goal with 1:06 left. According to Frantz:

"Just before the timeout was over, I looked over and saw Bo Schembechler about three-quarters of the way out on the field. He was screaming, 'Frantz, you little s---, you're going to miss this kick!' He was going nuts, and his coaches were trying to hold him back. People ask me all the time if icing the kicker works. I tell them, 'Well, in my case it did.' It was a perfect snap and a perfect hold, but I hooked it a couple of feet left. There's no explanation and no excuse."

One thing's for certain: no one hated losing to Ohio State more than Bo.