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Rest in Peace, Chad Carr

The five-year-old grandson of Lloyd Carr passed away on Monday.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Carr, the five-year-old grandson of former Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr, has died, according to his mother Tammi Carr on Twitter.

In 2014, Chad was diagnosed with a rare inoperable form of brain cancer and the community rallied around the cause, coming up with the #ChadTough hashtag. That a young man could have such a profound impact and bring so many together during a tough time is incredible.

The last two weeks, Michigan has wore helmets with #ChadTough written on the back. Over the weekend, rivals Michigan State and Ohio State joined the cause wore helmet decals to honor Chad.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Carr family and the Michigan community in this difficult time.

To honor and support Chad, you can donate to The ChadTough Foundation here, or mail donations to:

The ChadTough Foundation

P. O. Box 907

Saline, MI 48176