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Michigan vs. Ohio State: The Game Thread

For King and Country...or something like that.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Game. Does anything more need to be said? No, but just leaving this with "The Game" seems too much like phoning it in, even for me. It's a huge game and I'm supposed to put down some really exciting and compelling stuff, but I don't think any of my words could really do justice to the day. We know how important this game is to fans, coaches, and players, so this thread needs to be more about what is put in the comments than what is in this spot.

I'll be in the stands again today, but let's try to beat out what we did last week. I want to see an overflow thread when I get back to my hotel. And the only way to get there is for you to comment like this is the most important thread ever. Mind the guidelines, and always Go Blue!

There will be no link to a song today; you know which one you need to be singing.