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Bowl Projections Roundup: Week 11

After Michigan State's loss to Nebraska, is Michigan smelling the roses again?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan took care of business on Saturday with a 49-16 romp over Rutgers, but, with Michigan State's last-minute collapse to Nebraska in Lincoln, not only has the race to represent the Big Ten East in the Big Ten Championship Game been shifted, so has the Big Ten bowl projections. Michigan now has a much clearer path to the Big Ten title: win out and hope Michigan State loses once more. Given that the Spartans should be a double-digit underdog in Columbus when they duel with Ohio State, there are good odds that The Game between the Wolverines and the Buckeyes essentially will be a Big Ten East championship game.

The question is whether you think Michigan or Ohio State will win that game because whoever does will be the favorite to beat the Big Ten West representative -- cough Iowa cough -- in Indianapolis. If you think Ohio State will win, then a 9-3 Michigan team likely will miss out on a New Year's Six bowl and head to Orlando for the Citrus Bowl. But, if you think Michigan will win, then an 11-2 Michigan outfit will head out to Pasadena.

SB Nation's Jason Kirk likes the latter to occur, while CBS Sports' Jerry Palm doesn't:

SB NationRose Bowl vs. USC
CBS SportsCitrus Bowl vs. Florida

Some Michigan fans have asked if this reopens the possibility that an 11-2 Michigan team that wins the Big Ten championship can sneak into the College Football Playoff. It's not impossible. We have seen two-loss championship teams in the past with LSU in 2007 being the most recent. But complete chaos had to break out across the entire college football landscape for the Tigers to jump into the BCS Championship Game. Can it happen in 2015? Of course it could. Will it? I wouldn't get my hopes up, Michigan fans.

This will be updated with more bowl projections once they are released.