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Tuesday Morning Brews: Coaching Shuffles, Touchdowns

Enjoying a week of highlights, one last time.

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Hitting the Links Watches Karate Kid

Michigan Drops In On Kareem Walker, Rashan Gary

Nick Bosa is the only five-star committed to a Big Ten school in 2016. No five-stars joined a Big Ten school in 2015.

Tracy Claeys Doesn't Retain Matt Limegrover

An intriguing and somewhat awkward development - Claeys has made some interesting changes to Minnesota's staff, such as not retaining Jerry Kill's longtime offensive coordinator. We'll see what Claeys has in mind.

Illinois Instability Leads To Cubit Decision

As I'm sure you've heard, Bill Cubit was retained by Illinois this weekend, given a two-year extension that the interim AD Paul Kowalczyk described thusly: "[Hiring Cubit is] not ideal," said Kowalczyk. "But for now, I don't think it'll put a dagger in the heart of the program."

The thing is, I think that's a good way to describe the situation. Cubit did a fine job given the circumstances, for reasons that Brian Bennett articulates well in his article. But it's also a bad quote to go public. For Cubit, this is an opportunity to seize his position and run with it - if his team goes out and plays impassioned ball and competes week in and week out next year, a lot of talk about distractions goes away.

Plus, I think this will hurt recruiting less than it would in other situations. Illinois focuses heavily on in-state three-star talent, and they'll still have a lot of draw for recruits like that. If they pick their recruits well, work very hard and win eight games next year, then everything is fine in Champaign. Given the coaching staff in place, that's not far-fetched.

Tiny changes with the Media Selections - Raekwon McMillan instead of Joshua Perry, and Vonn Bell instead of Will Likely.

Get To Know Pat Hobbs, Rutgers' New AD

So far, so good for Rutgers, as they move on from Kyle Flood and will have a new AD looking for Kyle Flood's replacement.

Going With Mario Cristobal? | Rutgers' Recruits Handle Adversity

Rutgers just might find a home run with their next coach, but there is a rebuild coming regardless. There's not enough talent on this team to win many games right away.

Tommy Armstrong Interception

Iowa's linebackers haven't gotten a lot of attention, but their defense really benefits from having guys who are 225-235 pounds (a little bit lighter than other Big Ten linebackers) who can flex out on pass plays and stay on the field regardless of formation.

Canzeri, Again

So much fun to watch. Early in his career, he struggled with fumbles; but that hasn't been a problem lately.

Falling Catch For Brandon Reilly

One of my preseason expectations that turned out to be most wrong was expecting an explosive, dynamic Nebraska offense, and I expected that because a lot of these receivers - from Stanley Morgan to Jordan Westerkamp and De'Mornay Pierson-El to Reilly - have that X-factor that's so hard to find. Great hands, super competitive receivers. A group that hasn't had a chance to really shine, unfortunately.

Fat Man Touchdown

Michigan State's Jack Allen shows good running ability from 9 yards out.

Saeed Blacknall Catch & Run | Aaron Burbridge Catch & Run

A lot happens on the Saeed Blacknall play. The Aaron Burbridge play is amazing.

Christian Hackenberg Sack

A lowlight thrown in as well. It should go without saying how Christian Hackenberg screws up here - poor spatial awareness, poor understanding of the situation, poor athleticism. Hack would get eaten alive at the next level; he needs to stay in State College and do enough to win the starting job next year (which isn't a given).

Mission Accomplished: Penn State's OC Fired

This strikes me as a move of self-interest for James Franklin. There have been other factors at play (learn to throw it away, Hack!), but Penn State fans have been very unhappy - to put it mildly - with Donovan.

James Franklin, meanwhile, would benefit from a little more good will while he tries to turn around a string of difficult seasons. Penn State has still not gotten to 9 wins since Joe Paterno's final season.

Mark Richt Talks Options

One of the schools rumored to be talking to Richt is Maryland; obviously, if they do get him that would be unbelievable. As it stands now, it would be unbelievable.

People Actually Fired At Purdue!

Penn State fans aren't the only ones who are giddy this week with some change. Best of luck to Shoop, Hudson, and Carter in their search for new jobs.

Nebraska Gets A Bowl!

And you get a bowl! Bowls in every home!

Maryland's Yannick Ngakoue Declares For Draft

Ngakoue has a case as Maryland's best player this year.

Big Ten's Linebacker Of The Year: A Former Walk-On

Wisconsin's Joe Schobert and 2013 award winner Chris Borland make this a burgeoning mark of pride for Wisconsin.

Chip Kelly: No

A footnote, and probably an unsurprising one. Chip Kelly definitely doesn't want to return to college.

Mason Monheim Gets In On The Fun

Illinois' linebackers might get the award for most unknown but pretty effective unit in the Big Ten.

Wisconsin-Minnesota Highlights

I'll hand off the whole bucket of highlights for Dave Revsine to canvass.

Gorgeous Run By Devine Redding | Has IU Turned A Corner?

Something else to compliment Indiana on: Mark Hill. There's just something in the water around Bloomington, and I suspect IU's strength and conditioning coach is the reason why. I'd scouted Jordan Howard from his UAB days, but the man who stepped on the field this year was not quite the same as the one who stepped on the field last year. Redding, a true sophomore, is another example of someone who's shown impressive growth in short periods of time.

Gorgeous Catch By Mitchell Paige

Paige has been mentioned here for his catch rate; here's a particularly nice snag.

Blown Coverage For Purdue

We'll go for the Indiana hat trick on highlights. A classic deep bomb for Sudfeld.

One-Handed Grab For Carroo

Maryland-Rutgers had it all, from an offensive standpoint. 183 yards for Leonte Carroo. 401 rushing yards for Maryland - often by running straight up the gut. Zero touchdowns and only one interception for Maryland's quarterbacks. 344 yards for Rutgers' Laviano.

Hayes will be deciding between Notre Dame (the favorite), Ohio State, and Michigan State. On an unrelated note, Hayes scares the bejeeberfoofies out of me.

All Four Playoff Teams Are Likely To Be Nike... Again

Next year will be fun.

Mike Thomas vs. Cyrus Jones, II

The format of the article is a little choppy, and the original tweets have been deleted, but you can piece the back and forth together between the two. It all started because of this image sent out by Mike Thomas decrying Alabama's strength of schedule.

Joey Bosa Wins Second Straight D-Lineman Of The Year

Penn State's Carl Nassib, however, won the Big Ten's Defensive Player of the Year. I don't understand it either.