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Thursday Morning Brews: Watching Maryland

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Loved Creed

ESPN's All-Big Ten Team | Toughest Positions To Pick

Someone not on this list: Raekwon McMillan. I expected the sophomore to break out this year, but he simply hasn't met those high expectations. If the game starts to click for him, though, and he stays on the trim side, he could turn into one of the greats. His physical abilities are tremendous.

Maryland's New Additions: Scott Shafer, Mike London, Rick Court

Slow down, Durkin. You're doing too well for my comfort.

Durkin Discusses His Stategy At Maryland, New Facilities

Peeking ahead to 2016, Durkin will also have time to get his players settled in to their new schemes - Maryland has early games set up against UCF, Howard, and Purdue, plus a bye. Unless the last OOC game that hasn't yet been scheduled is against Alabama or Clemson, the Terps will have a few wins under their belt before September is through.

IMG Academy is a big source of high school talent. Durkin has been doing all the right things. Oh, and a blue-chip Alabama commit is reconsidering.

OSU Chasing Dwayne Haskins, Rashan Gary, 2017's Antjuan Simmons

Urban Meyer has a reputation for working very hard on the recruiting trail, but we'll see if any of this inquiring actually leads anywhere.

Chris Ash Hires OSU Quality Control Coach To Be ST Coordinator

The recruit in the photo, Alex Babir, is a three-star kicker out of Georgia.

Carl Nassib Wins Lombardi Award

Nassib is also one of three finalists for the Bednarik Award, given to the nation's best defender. The other two candidates for that one are Reggie Ragland of Alabama and Tyler Matakevich of Temple. Of the three, Ragland is certainly the most deserving, though all have nice stats and have played well. If you're interested in reading a case for Nassib, Josh Moyer has you covered. I'll just leave this here.

What Will Wisconsin's 2016 Offense Look Like?

The 2016 season is about 300 years away, but if most of this holds, Wisconsin will be looking more athletic going forward, even with a couple big losses.

Prognosticating Claeys And Minnesota's Offense

Some good thoughts, and more good conversation in the comments. Hat tips all around.

Tennessee Highlights

I haven't mentioned Northwestern's upcoming bowl with Tennessee, but since it's an intriguing matchup in its own right, here are some season highlights of the team Pat Fitzgerald has to beat. Also, for the whole rundown on bowl season, The Only Colors has you very well covered.