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Thursday Morning Brews: Merry Christmas!

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Hitting the Links Is Nostalgic

Purdue's New OC: Terry Malone

Malone was a long-time assistant at Michigan and then the New Orleans Saints. This movie is underwhelming because it came from within, but it's also a solid choice.

Rutgers Brings In Western Illinois' OL Coach

Best of luck to Blazek and Ash.

Turnovers Are Key For Michigan State

This is partly because of scheme; Michigan State has gone to more of a zone defense without Pat Narduzzi, rather than the press coverage of Dennard and Waynes - and this style has really fit the athleticism and youth in their secondary while hiding some of the weaknesses.

Plenty of NFL Decisions Looming For Ohio State

Part of me thinks that 2015 was a lull in the storm. Ohio State's offense is wicked to stop when there's a cadre of wide receiver talent, and with the way they're recruiting they'll be getting that back sooner rather than later. On the other hand, part of me thinks that Braxton Miller and Michael Thomas is a pretty darn good pair on their own, and it's not actually predetermined they'll be able to replace players of that caliber. But will Thomas go, as many would recommend to a first- or second-round pick, or will he come back for his senior season? If Thomas goes, who will lead that position group next year? Jalin Marshall?

Ball State's Head Coach Becomes Maryland Assistant

What the geez, Durkin. Slow down. You have too many head coaches. Bad Durkin.

Nick Saban's Relationship With MSU Is Complicated

Saban seems to have found a home at Alabama; it's a very lucky blessing for a coach to find a situation like that.

Northwestern Player Grades: DL | Linebackers | Secondary

I have not complimented Northwestern's other linebackers on being tough, sturdy, run-stopping, hustling players. Drew Smith, Nate Hall and Jaylen Prater are as anonymous as they come, but they've done some really good work overall this season.

Tommy Armstrong Relishes A Fresh Start In 2016

Armstrong is very talented. Sometimes he can make perfect throws off his back foot or break other little rules that quarterbacks generally are taught to follow. And then, he'll reinforce why it's a rule in the first place by tossing a pick. There aren't many quarterbacks who have the ceiling Mr. Armstrong does, but we will see if he develops the consistency needed to reach it.

Three Things To Know About Tennessee

Tennessee has spent more of its time recruiting the Big Ten blueprint than most other SEC schools; Butch Jones is probably relishing the publicity of taking on a Big Ten team.

Wisconsin Leads Big Ten In Pro Bowl Selections

Wisconsin's representatives are J.J. Watt, Russell Wilson, Joe Thomas and Travis Frederick. Michigan was tied for second among Big Ten teams with two - Brady and Woodson. This is Brady's 11th Pro Bowl and Woodson's 9th.

Wisconsin-USC: Memories of 1963

The Badgers and Trojans have met before, in the Rose Bowl, and it was a memorable one.

Michigan State-Alabama Hype Video

One of the better hype videos I've seen in a while.