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Thursday Morning Brews: Minnesota Announces Its New Offensive Coordinator

Just waitin' for the semifinals.

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Hitting the Links Has A Snake Cup

Waiting On Rashan

This was a great piece by the Free Press on Rashan and his relationship with Jabrill Peppers and Kareem Walker.

Chris Wormley Is Returning For Senior YearWill 'Show The SEC'

On a list of Michigan' purest athletes (hmmm, that sounds like a good article), Wormley is up in the top five. He's got explosive athleticism for a 300-pound lineman; Michigan fans have another year to look forward to with him.

B/R: Bold Predictions & X-Factors For Michigan-Florida

Here's a relatively safe prediction: Michigan fans will be pulling their hair out over Florida's disruptive defensive front. Michigan's defense will probably suffocate Florida just as much, but UF's front line will be something of a final exam for an offensive line that's still trying to find an identity.

Jabrill Doesn't Want To Be A Running Back

There's nothing like having roster depth, and Michigan is blessed with it at a number of positions. That kind of flexibility will help Michigan's players adjust for whatever the 2016 season throws at them.

And saying that Michigan's running backs room has depth doesn't really do it justice. The team could conceivably lose two five-star players this off-season and still enter next year with a bruising starter (De'Veon Smith), an occasionally electric back-up (Drake Johnson), a stud freshman (Kareem), Superman himself, and multiple other true freshmen with good talent. The future is looking bright at that spot.

Minnesota's New OC: Jay JohnsonBart Miller As OL Coach

Say what you will about Bret Bielema, but being an OL coach under him is usually a mark of quality. A fun fact: Miller got his big break at Wisconsin in 2012 when Bielema fired Mike Markuson after just two games because he didn't like how the line was being handled. In those two games, senior tailback Montee Ball had a 3.9-yard rushing average against Northern Iowa and Oregon State. In the twelve games under Miller, who until mid-September was toiling away as a graduate assistant, Ball's average jumped to 5.3. Now, though, Miller is going to work for Wisconsin's rival.

As for Jay Johnson, this seems like a very nice move schematically while staying true to the overall foundation of Minnesota offense. Johnson has ties to the state, spent a decade in the south over the last dozen or so years, and seems smart about how to cook a good meal with less than perfect ingredients. This could be a very successful move for Tracy Claeys.

Rutgers' New DC: Jay NiemannBill Busch As DB Coach

Fun fact: female orca whales can reach an age of 90. However, the longest-living animal currently on earth is Jonathan, a 183-year old tortoise.

At this point, there's no reason to repeat the fact fhat Ash is hiring GAs, coaches with little experience at a D-1 level, and other unproven candidates. Besides, who knows - maybe Rutgers wins 10 games next year and blows us all away. But in the meantime, for the next three staff hires at least, I'll go with some awesome animal facts instead of bashing the rock. And I will do it even if Rutgers nabs Chip Kelly as its running backs coach or Kim Kardashian as its defensive line coach. Nothing but the animal facts.

Bill C. Breaks Down MSU-UASo Does TOC3 Reasons MSU Could Win

A lot of good stuff, particularly by MLive. There are also some offensive and defensive previews by Roll Bama Roll that gush over MSU's style. MSU's coaches have shown their players film of Ali and Frazier to prepare them for this, and it really is like a boxing match - simple in some ways, but powerfully intriguing.

Mark Staten: Actor Turned CFB Coach

This was a very nice, readable look at MSU's o-line coach, one of the underrated great coaches in the conference.

Zeke & Jaylon Smith: Friends and Competitors

There are few guys who can hold the edge against Elliott, who has shifty speed for a 225-pound back. But Jaylon - at 240, no less - has the lateral speed to hold Urban Meyer's offense down.

In A High-Pressure World, Stakes Are Getting Higher

Coaches are facing more challenges, more competition, and more visibility than ever before. They are also on a short leash, as Ted Miller writes.

Cardale, it's been fun. I'll definitely be rooting for you in the NFL. Now get out of school, ferchrissakes.

The College Recruitment of Ezekiel Elliott

You might think this is about Elliott vs. Derrick Green, which has been talked about here enough. But this article focuses on Zeke growing up wanting to be a Missouri Tiger, and centers it around Zeke's college success and paths taken and not taken.

Looking Back At CN's Nebraska Season Predictions

It's important for us to remember to take sports writing seriously and have fun at the same time. This was a fun look back at a season that defied all reasonable expectations.

Indiana-Duke A Success With ViewersLatham Goes Pro

Four million people got to enjoy #ChaosTeam. Latham will be a big loss, but put me down early on the Nate Hoff Heisman Train. Also:

Feeney was a severely talented and underrated offensive guard, and he has been as valuable to their success as Jason Spriggs over at LT.

More Coaching Changes At Purdue?

These moves aren't finalized yet, but they seem to continue Hazell's recent string of hey-not-that-bad coaching decisions.

Three Things We Learned From UW's Win | Fullback Rumble

This game had some awesome performances by the star players, but don't forget about the lil bro, Derek Watt. This catch by Robert Wheelwright was okay, too.