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Back To Square One

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In an offense vs offense showdown, only one team showed up at Mariucci

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Minnesota 6 - Michigan 2

Coming off of three solid performances, Zach Nagelvoort needed to be the difference for the Wolverines to get a win tonight. He wasn't, and this game was over before it started.

This team put their backs up against the wall early giving the nation's #1 power play an early chance that Kyle Rau would cash in on. From there the Gophers piled it on, taking advantage of a very shaky Zach Nagelvoort to score two more goals within a minute of each other.

On a bigger ice sheet, the Wolverines never adjusted. They needed to slow the game down and work possessions, instead they kept the pace quick and played right into the Minnesota game plan moving wide in transition and taking shots on Adam Wilcox with no chance of going in. On the other end the Gophers played their game; they were crisp, efficient and rode a 3 center Michigan lineup into the ground.

After the wheels had completely fallen off, Kyle Rau would complete the hat trick first with a shorthanded goal and later picking Zach Werenski's pocket in the neutral zone and scoring on a breakaway.

Any shred of a silver lining came with Boo Nieves breaking a nine game goalless slump by adding two goals with the game already in hand. Other than that, nothing went Michigan's way.

The Wolverines had a chance to put away the Big Ten but they never got off the bus. Now 5 points is all that separates 1st place Michigan with 4th place Michigan State.