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Twitter Recap: Building a Champion

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Editors note: Hey, guys. This is a new feature that tries to bring you Twitter's best content in one place. We'll also try to keep you up to date on all the stuff going on in the Michigan sports world. Let me know how I'm doing, and as always, Go Blue.


On February 10th, Michigan players took part in the Clay Miller Networking Event, where former players from around the country came to Michigan and connected with current players. It's part of a greater emphasis on developing student-athletes for life after football and forging opportunities and careers.

Jehu Chesson opened up to about what that experience was like.

The one that stood out in my mind was the general management table, where I was able to talk to CEOs about what goes into their decision-making process on a day-to-day basis. A lot of the same principles they use to make big decisions are principles I have learned here at Michigan. What I took away was that whether you are a CEO, an employee, a player or a coach, the team always comes first when making a decision. It doesn't make any decision easier or harder, but these CEOs, just like our coaches, put the team or organization (the needs of the customers) first when making key decisions. We play the ultimate team game here with football, but once you leave and enter the real world, it is also a team game inside a successful organization.

Players do a lot of growing up during college, and life after football is something that can get lost in the hectic routines and daily grind. This event helps a lot.

Speaking of daily grind, here's a moment from Jay Harbaugh's day:

Adam Rittenberg had a couple interesting notes about the influx of money to Big Ten coffers.

He also had a not-so-fun fact about OSU.

The full list is available in the link, but they include J.T. Barrett's 45 touchdowns and 7 freshman of the week honors, Devin Smith's double-take-inducing 28.2 yards per catch, 45 first downs against Cincinnati, and the most touchdowns, first downs, and yards an Ohio State offense has ever gotten.

And speaking of the team in Columbus, the players celebrated their morning on Friday the 13th with S&C coach Mickey Marotti. It's a Buckeye tradition to unleash a "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" workout, which remains mysterious in what actually happens, but which got the players fairly destroyed.

It's common for championship teams to suffer a letdown the following year, but it doesn't seem like that will be happening with the Buckeyes.

Finally, Michigan's players celebrated their Valentine's Day by meeting and greeting with little kids.


This season hasn't been what anyone hoped, but Thursday's game against the Illini provided a couple highlights:

The women's team, meanwhile, started out the year 13-6, but they're on a 1-5 skid of late, having dropped three games to ranked Big Ten foes, then a nail biter to Ohio State, and last night a heartbreaker on Valentine's Day.


The men's lacrosse season is underway, and they're now 2-0.

Also, baseball kicked off last night. They lost 7-2 to Long Beach State University.

Michigan softball kicked off its season this past week in Florida. They are now 7-1 after sweeping a double-header from #6 Florida State.

And they weren't the only Wolverines in action during some good weather.

Michigan beat Michigan State this past week in gymnastics:

And finally, here's a good quote from Michigan's legendary Red Berenson, whose hockey team just dropped a pair of games to Minnesota in a match between the two winningest college programs.