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USBWA to honor Michigan's Austin Hatch with 2015 Most Courageous Award

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The U.S. Basketball Writers Association will be honoring Michigan's Austin Hatch with the 2015 Most Courageous Award during its annual awards function during the NCAA Final Four.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The U.S. Basketball Writers Association announced on Monday that it will be honoring Michigan freshman forward Austin Hatch with the 2015 Most Courageous Award.

Hatch will be honored during the USBWA's annual awards function on April 6 in Indianapolis during the NCAA Final Four at a luncheon.

According to the association, the award is handed out to yearly to recognize a player who "demonstrated extraordinary courage reflecting honor on the sport of amateur basketball." Along with the award, the USBWA also presents the award a winner a check for $1,000 to the charity or scholarship fund of his or her choice.

Hatch's story oh surviving two plane crashes that have taken the lives of his father, mother, step mother and siblings has become well known during his first year on campus. From scoring his first point to ESPN features, the USBWA recognizes the tragedies he's suffered is not the reason he's courageous.

Rather the path he's taken and physical barriers he's had to overcome.

"Neither of those tragedies, however, is what makes Hatch courageous. It's because of how he's lived his life since," the USBWA said in the release. "Fighting to overcome both his own physical hardships and emotional challenges, and also embracing his new opportunities. Rather than be angry at what he's lost, Hatch instead prefers to celebrate what he's been given - a chance to honor his parents by becoming the man they dreamed he would be.

"Fiercely determined and impossibly positive, Hatch believes he is only beginning to write the story of his life and that the tragedies, while a part of his tale, will one day merely be a footnote."