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Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno on Jim Harbaugh: "He is the smartest man I have ever been around"

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno had high remarks for his head coach Jim Harbaugh on Thursday evening.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Tim Drevno have experience working with one another that transcends their short time spent in Ann Arbor together.

There's probably good reason for that.

Speaking with reporters Tuesday evening, Drevno talked about what it's like working with Harbaugh and offered high praise for the new head coach.

"(Harbaugh) demands a lot from you but in a good way," Drevno said. "He's never demeaning to you, but he brings the best out of you to compete at the highest level. We want you to walk into this building to be the best at your craft. We want people to emulate what you do. He's competitive and he always thinks outside of the box. Very creative.

"He is the smartest man I have ever been around. He's unique in a great way. I've never been around a guy like this."

Working primarily with the offensive line, the offensive coordinator position at Michigan will be the first time he's manned that post since 2006 when him and Harbaugh were working together at San Diego University.

Despite what some may call a lack of experience and Harbaugh strolling the sidelines with a playsheet in his hands, Drevno insists that he will be calling the shots.

From years of experience with working with Harbaugh, Drevno believes he's better equipped to be an offensive coordinator now.

"The more years you get underneath your belt the more your lens starts to open," Drevno said. "The longer you're in this profession, your lens starts to open. There's a lot more stuff I need to learn, that's why we've got these guys around me like Jedd Fisch, Tyrone Wheatley, Jay Harbaugh... you can name them on and on.

"Everybody's got blinders, everybody has got to help each other. I don't have all the answers."

With the final spring practice well over a month away, the Michigan coaching staff is hoping that their time with the time creates more answers than questions.