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National Signing Day 2015: Meet the Wolverines

Michigan announced a 14-man 2015 recruiting class on Wednesday.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The drama of National Signing Day 2015 is officially in the books.

With around a month to recruit, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh and staff salvaged an original starting class of six when Harbaugh took over to finishing with 14.

Although missing on a couple of targets at the top, which was to be expected considering the circumstances,

Meet the 2015 class of newest Wolverines (with coaching quotes courtesy of

Early Enrollees

Brian Cole

Hometown: Saginaw, Mich (Saginaw Heritage)
Height: 6-2
Weight: 190
Position: Wide Receiver

Passing game coordinator Jedd Fisch on Cole: "I am really excited that Brian enrolled early and has been able to get a jump start on his college career. He is working hard and doing a great job with his academics early on. All of the reports from the weight room have been great. I'm really excited to see him get onto the field this spring and compete for one of our slot receiver spots. He has great speed, great quickness and is really going to make an impact."

Alex Malzone

Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Mich (Brother Rice)
Height: 6-2
Weight: 205
Posiition: Quarterback

Passing game coordinator Jedd Fish on Malzone: "Alex has jumped into the fold right away and done a great job getting acclimated to school and football. He is a winner. Alex has won 32 games in high school, and I think he only lost one game as a starter. He is constantly seeking the ability to learn and get better whether it's in the weight room or school. Alex has a huge future."

The Rest of the Class

Andrew David

Hometown: Massillon, Ohio (Washington High School)
Height: 5-9
Weight: 170
Position: Kicker

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on David: "Andrew's work ethic and drive is what makes him a special young man. He is a great competitor, a tremendous teammate and someone who has incredible passion for everything he is involved with. As his parents told me, Andrew has always overcome obstacles in his life simply 'by outworking everyone and everything in his way.' As it became clear when meeting with Andrew, he is truly a people person who really enjoys building relationships with those he is fortunate to come across. Andrew is a natural leader who takes pride in seeing his teammates succeed in all aspects of life, on and off the field. He is an extremely confident young man but a very humble one first and foremost, which endears him to many of his teammates and classmates as well. He also happens to be a great athlete who was blessed with a tremendous ability to kick a football. Andrew finished his career at Massillon High School as the all-time career leader in kicking and punting. He also holds the county record with a 58-yard field goal this season. He was selected as a Preseason All American Kicker, was named first-team All-Ohio and is the only player ever, at any position, to earn all-county first-team honors all four years of high school. Andrew was also a great high school baseball player and is ranked as one of the country's top players at his position, shortstop. On top of that, Andrew is up for his school's Outstanding Senior Boy award, which is awarded to someone who excels academically and conducts himself the right way in his community. And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Special Teams coordinator John Baxter on David: "I was really impressed with Coach Mattison's evaluation of him and the recruiting process that went on to secure him. We are really excited about the future with Andrew. He is technically very sound, beyond what you normally see from a player his age. The fact that he kicked a 58-yard field goal in a game in Massillon, Ohio, which is non-altitude, is impressive, because there are thousands of players who have played at the college level that don't have that type of range. We look forward to the future with Andrew and what he brings to the table."

Zach Gentry

Hometown: Albuquerque, N.M. (Eldorado High School)
Height: 6-7
Weight: 230
Position: Quarterback

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on Gentry: "Zach is a leader by example, who has dedicated himself to his goals. In addition to his gift of size and athleticism, Zach has always worked hard during the off-season throwing and working on footwork, weights and nutrition. I know his family is very proud of the hard work and effort that Zach has put in to be in the position that he is today. Just a few years ago he would spend his Saturday's watching every college football game while wearing his youth football uniform. That shows his love for the game. His family told me, 'as a parent it is a special feeling knowing that his childhood dream of being a part of a major college program will come true. We never had to force this on Zach. Aside from athletics, we can say that we never worried about Zach doing the wrong thing or making bad decisions. We are very fortunate to have a teenager that we can completely trust. I wish we could take credit for this, but he has made things easy for us.' And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Passing game coordinator Jedd Fisch on Gentry: "Zach is a big guy, 6-7 and 230 pounds, and is an outstanding runner. He is going to continue to develop as a passer. We think that Zach is going to make a huge impact for us at the quarterback position. He will come in from New Mexico and have the opportunity to learn from Coach Harbaugh and the staff that we have assembled. I think it will be a great opportunity for him."

Karan Higdon

Hometown: Sarasota, Fla. (Riverview High School)
Height: 5-10
Weight: 190
Position: Running Back

Offensive coordinator Tim Drevno on Higdon: "Karan is a power back, a physical runner -- he's got great instinct and football awareness with real good vision. He does a great job of lowering his pads especially when he's entering the goal line area. He is a real smart young man who had a 4.0 in high school."

Shelton Johnson

Hometown: Delray Beach, Fla. (Atlantic Community High School)
Height: 6-5
Weight: 225
Position: Defensive End

Defensive Line coach Greg Mattison on Johnson: "Shelton has all the physical characteristics necessary to be successful at the defensive end position. He has very high character and is an excellent football player. He will fit in perfectly in our scheme."

Reuben Jones

Hometown: Lakeland, Fla.
Height: 6-4
Weight: 255
Position: Defensive End

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on Jones: "Reuben is a strong leader who looks at every situation in a positive light. His parents told me they are most proud of his ability to persevere through tough times and his ability to spread joy to others and brighten a person's day. He is a motivation to his friends and family and a great mentor to those in his community. Reuben has a great personality, which was clear when we visited with him. As his family told me, 'He understands that life is what you make of it.' Reuben is a young man who encourages others around him to strive for excellence. His family told me he has 'a heart of gold,' and I know they are proud of him for listening to the values they instilled in him throughout the years. Reuben is very close to his family, and I know they are excited to share another great life experience with their son. And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Defensive Line coach Greg Mattison: "Reuben Jones is an outstanding young man, and we are excited for him to join our program. He has everything we are looking for at his position -- the ability to run, play physical and rush the passer. I know he will be a great addition to our defensive unit."

Tyree Kinnel

Hometown: Huber Heights, Ohio (Wayne High School)
Height: 5-11
Weight: 200
Position: Defensive Back

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on Kinnel: "Tyree's family grew up Michigan fans and his father, Chris, actually placed a Michigan football in his son's hands the day he was born. As his parents told me, 'Our son is one of the best kids a parent could wish for on the field as well as off the field.' When you look up unselfish in the dictionary you will definitely see Tyree's name under it. On his senior night, he let one of his teammates that played his position start in his place without thinking twice about it. That's just the kind of kid that he is. Tyree has always been focused on school and on the field since he was a young kid, and all his hard work has paid off. He is a tremendous leader and sets a wonderful example for all kids to look up to, young and old. He is just an all-around great kid that has always made the right choices no matter what the circumstances. After going to practically all the spring games as a kid to watch Michigan play, now it is Tyree's turn to be the role model that some of the players have been to him. Today is such a special day for the Kinnel family to see Tyree's lifelong dream that he has worked so hard for come true to be a Michigan Wolverine. And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Grant Newsome

Hometown: Trenton, N.J. (The Lawrenceville School)
Height: 6-7
Weight: 280
Position: Offensive Lineman

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on Newsome: "Grant is smart, hard-working and incredibly independent. It is clear to me that he is mature beyond his years. Grant worked exceptionally hard under Coach O'Dea's tutelage at The Lawrenceville School to get to where he is right now. He is a fantastic role model for his younger brother, and he is the kind of man that will make contributions in his community no matter where life takes him. His mother told me he had his best year academically at Lawrenceville High School last year with straight A's during the height of the recruiting process. On top of that, since he was at a boarding school, he dealt with most of the recruiting process on his own, with great guidance from Coach O'Dea. As his mother told me, 'I like to think we had something to do with imparting upon him the skills to navigate all of that so successfully, but much of it is in his DNA. From the time he was a toddler he has always been quite comfortable with adults and has been well spoken. We feel exceptionally proud to have him as our son.' And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Offensive coordinator/Offensive Line coach Tim Drevno on Newsome: "Grant is a prototypical left tackle, he's got the length and the measurables that you look for. He is a really intelligent kid and excelled at boarding school in Lawrenceville. He fits in really well here. He looks the part when he walks into a room -- he's 6-7 -- and I'm excited to work with him, he's clay that can be molded and taken to the next level."

Grant Perry

Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Mich (Brother Rice)
Height: 6-0
Weight: 185
Position: Wide Receiver

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on Perry: "After speaking with Grant's family, I can tell you they are very proud of the young man their son has developed into. As his father told me, 'Grant never let his talents overshadow him as a person. He never bragged about how good he was but rather how good his team was. He was and continues to be a kind person to others. If you met him and didn't know who he was, you would never guess he was the guy you read about as an athlete.' Grant's dad told me he used to take his son to Michigan games, and Grant would say, with a big grin on his face, 'I'm going to play for Michigan!' Growing up, Grant collected Michigan football and basketball player autographs. He ate, drank and slept Michigan. Grant's dad used to take Grant to practice with him when he coached high school football. He said, 'Grant ended up with a helmet on running routes and catching passes in the wide receiver drills. We couldn't believe he could run the routes or catch as well as he did at seven. Then he asked if he could play flag football, I said yes, and my wife said is he old enough? I don't want him to get hurt. Grant played, and his team went undefeated and won the championship. From there, he won championships in football, basketball and baseball. The kid didn't know how to lose, and we couldn't believe it.' The joy Grant's family gets from watching their son play is, as his dad put it, 'indescribable.' Grant won three state championships at Brother Rice and holds 13 state records. His work ethic and character are top-notch, and our staff can't wait to work with him. And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Passing Game coordinator Jedd Fisch on Perry: "Grant is a very, very consistent football player who makes plays over and over. He had over 100 catches in his senior year. He is a winner and teamed with Alex Malzone, and you can see the chemistry, competition and winning that they achieved. Grant is a high character individual, and we are excited to have him join us."

Jon Runyan Jr.

Hometown: Philadelpiha, Pa (St. Joseph's Prep School)
Height: 6-4
Weight: 275
Position: Offensive Lineman

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on Runyan Jr.: "Jon Runyan Jr. is a very focused and respectful young man who is humble in nature. His dad, Jon, is a former Michigan and All-Big Ten offensive lineman. Jon Sr., and his wife, Loretta, are very proud of him and the decisions he has made on and off the field. His parents told me that when he was in fifth grade, he made a goal to attend the prestigious St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia because he wanted to get a great education and set himself up to play college football. He set his mind to his goal before he was a teenager, and today he is achieving it. Jon worked hard on his studies to get into St. Joseph's, and that work ethic carried through high school into today. He achieved high academic success at St. Joseph's, and we look forward to him making an impact on the field and in the classroom here at Michigan. And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Offensive coordinator/Offensive line coach Tim Drevno on Runyan Jr.: "Just with his dad, he's got the DNA -- but you turn on the film, and Jon plays with great leverage and physicality. He gets his hips down when he drive blocks and pass blocks -- he has great football awareness and instincts. He has everything you look for and has a great body that he'll be able to put mass on."

Nolan Ulizio

Hometown: West Chester, Ohio (Lakota West High School)
Height: 6-5
Weight: 293
Position: Offensive Lineman

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on Ulizio: "Nolan is a young man that proves hard work, dedication and perseverance pay off. He grew a lot as a person, student and football player during his high school years. He grew physically, too -- four inches by his senior year. Nolan loves the grind and the physicality of the sport of football, and he loves his teammates. He has worked hard in the classroom and in the weight room at Lakota West, and I know he is excited to play at the University of Michigan. And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Offensive coordinator/Offensive line coach Tim Drevno on Ulizio: "Nolan is a young man with an interesting high school career; he's a late bloomer, and you can see that he's an ascending football player. He plays every down like it's his last with unbelievable physicality. He has a mindset -- you just watch him play, he loves to play the game. He has good football awareness, he's instinctive with good hand placement -- it's a great skillset to play on the offensive line."

Keith Washington

Hometown: Prattville, Ala. (Prattville High School)
Height: 6-2
Weight: 175
Position: Defensive Back

Head coach Jim Harbaugh on Washington: "Keith is a humble kid, but he is a winner. He was born in Louisiana, was raised most of his life in Texas, but comes to us from Prattville, Alabama. When he first went to Prattville High School he told Coach Anderson that he was going to help lead that team to the state championships game and did just that. Keith is also a strong academic student, who is as concerned about his off-the-field success in life, just as much as he is with his on-the-field success. He has a very strong family support system from both of his parents as well as his grandparents and his aunts and uncles. His family told me, 'the color blue has always been his favorite, and he has had a football in his hand since he was six-months old.' Keith has never been afraid of hard work and truly loves the game of football. He is a young man that has never been afraid to work, and we look forward to having him join the Michigan family. And, we at Michigan are fortunate to call him one of our own."

Defensive Backs coach Michael Zordich on Washington: "Keith has a great feel for the game. He has really good speed and a great change of direction, which means he has fluid hips and good feet. The thing I like the best about him is his length. He has really long arms, and he is the kind of guy we are looking for to get up in somebody's face and go play ball. He is the perfect fit for what the Michigan defense is all about. Keith also played quarterback, where he showed tremendous leadership, and he was probably the best athlete on his high school team."

Tyrone Wheatley Jr.

Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y. (Canisius High School)
Height: 6-6
Weight: 260
Position: Tight End

Tight Ends coach Jay Harbaugh on Wheatley Jr.: "T.J. is a big, strong, powerful guy who has rare movement abilities for a guy of his stature and strength. His ability gives him a chance to impact us early on as a dominant blocker. He is a guy who linebackers will have a very hard time covering."