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Michigan's Jedd Fisch breaks down quarterbacks, stresses competition in spring camp

Jedd Fisch spoke to the media for the first time since being named to the Michigan coaching staff on Tuesday. He broke down the quarterback battle and spoke about his three scholarship quarterbacks in spring practice.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The starting quarterback position might be one of the more hotly contested position battles the Michigan football program will have this spring and heading into the fall. Head coach Jim Harbaugh and passing game coordinator Jedd Fisch will have their work cut out for them to decide who will get the nod at starter when the time comes.

For now, only four practices into spring football, Fisch is looking for one thing in particular with his three scholarship quarterbacks: Progress.

"Right now we're seeing progress and that's the first thing we've been looking for," Fisch told reporters on Tuesday. "How they've picked up what we're asking them to do. This is practice four, 16 hours on the field, we've had a lot of repetitions and we've been able to do a ton of drill work with them and been able to watch them kind of pick up the system the best that they can at this point."

How much progress can be made only four practices in? Enough for Fisch to notice.

"I think there's good progress in command at the line of scrimmage, Fisch said. "I think there's good progress in terms of understanding the offense. Now it's matter of slowing the game down for them, that's what our next step is."

Fisch made it clear that no leaders have emerged yet and each quarterback is getting an equal amount of reps in practice. He also said that the quarterbacks are constantly being rotated to give plenty of opportunities for them.

He also broke down each player and what they could potentially offer to the position.

Wilton Speight: "Wilton is a very large man, he's a big guy. He can see everything and he's a pretty good athlete. He throws the ball well and he doesn't seem to have a ton of experience. I know Shane took more reps last year, I would guess, because he was the two. He's probably had more practice reps than Wilt has, but Wilt makes a lot of nice throws and is a good sized kid.

Shane Morris: "Shane has a very strong arm, which everybody knows. He spins it well and he just has to understand that it's not the most important thing. If you have a really strong arm you have a really strong arm. That's what you have. Now it's a matter of what can you do with it? How can you utilize it? His skill set and arm strength is tremendous and he's very comfortable as a quarterback, so that's really fun to watch in the huddle. He has a really good command of what we're asking him to do."

Alex Malzone: "Alex should be a senior in high school right now. I remember my senior spring, I wasn't in college. I know that he's got a lot going on. He's handled it unbelievably well. He's unbelievable in terms of his ability to not letting things bother him, to be consistent and to jump right back in and play the game. If a play doesn't go right he's right back in there and ready for the next one. Short-term memory is phenomenal for a quarterback.

As for the time being, the push to be better will not only come from the coaching staff, it will also come from the players as well. It may be a long road ahead and a starter being named is not imminent, but Fisch is trying to teach each player to hunt or to be hunted.

"As I've told those guys, I think Mark Cuban said it best," Fisch said. "Work every day like there is someone trying to take your job 24 hours a day. I want them to take that approach, that they need to challenge each other every single day to get the next guy better."