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NIT Selection Show Preview: Will Michigan Make It?

Michigan is an NIT bubble team, and we're hours away from the NIT Selection Show. Will Michigan make it? When's the NIT Selection Show? We have the answers.

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In a few hours, Michigan will know if it's been invited to the NIT or if its season is over.

With a 16-16 record and and No. 80 RPI, Michigan is on the NIT bubble. John Templon of Big Apple Buckets and KPI Sports both project that Michigan is in the NIT as a No. 6 seed, with Templon and KPI Sports listing Michigan as its second-to-last and last at-large team, respectively, while DRatings doesn't include Michigan in its bracket. Michigan is right on the cut-off line one way or the other, and because there are no more games that will affect the lower half of the NIT bracket -- UConn is an NIT team right now, but the Huskies are so far ahead of Michigan that a loss to SMU would not bounce them from the NIT field -- this will be Michigan's position when the selection show starts. It'll be close.

So you know whom Michigan is up against, here is a list of the 10 teams fighting for the last five at-large NIT bids in alphabetical order according to Templon:

School Record RPI Rank
Alabama 18-14 (8-10 SEC) 84
Arizona State 17-15 (9-9 P12) 102
California 18-15 (7-11 P12) 95
Florida 16-17 (8-10 SEC) 70
George Washington 21-12 (10-8 A10) 85
Michigan 16-16 (8-10 B1G) 80
Toledo 20-13 (11-7 MAC) 79
UTEP 22-10 (13-5 CUSA) 78
Vanderbilt 19-13 (9-9 SEC) 104
Yale 22-10 (11-3 Ivy) 63

The team to watch for is Florida. Florida has the second-best RPI of these 10 teams at No. 70, but Templon has the Gators out of his NIT projection because they have a losing record. Though it's no longer a requirement that teams must have at least a .500 record to be eligible to receive an at-large NIT bid, no team with a losing record ever has received one. Will the NIT selection committee break away from precedent and hand an invite to Florida? If so, that could be the decision that keeps Michigan out of the NIT.

Prediction: My gut feeling has been that, if Michigan didn't beat Wisconsin, Michigan would miss the NIT. I still feel that way, and I think Michigan will be the first or second team out. Why? In the past five seasons, only one team with a .500 record has made the NIT (North Carolina in 2010). However, it's really close, so Michigan may be the second.

To find out Michigan's fate, watch the NIT Selection Show at 8:30 p.m. ET on ESPNU.

We'll have an instant reaction to whether Michigan's season will extend to the NIT.