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Michigan OL Graham Glasgow violated probation according to court records

Michigan senior offensive lineman Graham Glasgow admitted to violating his probation on Sunday according to court records.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

ANN ARBOR -- Michigan's senior offensive lineman Graham Glasgow violated his probation on Sunday by admitting to consuming alcohol after registering a .086 breathalyzer test, according to 15th District Court records.

Glasgow's probation stems from a March 15, 2014 arrest for operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Ann Arbor. He later plead guilty to a lesser charge on June 16, 2014, operating while visibly impaired. The sentence included court fines, community service and one year probation.

Part of Glasgow's probation parameters included abstaining from alcohol for 12 months and random drug and alcohol testing as requested by the courts.

According to's Nick Baumgardner, Glasgow's attorney says that his probation will be extended by six months and he will have to undergo strict monitoring going forward until his probation hearing in July.

Glasgow was suspended for the first half of spring practices and the first game of the season after his arrest by former head coach Brady Hoke. He would later finish the season playing guard.

Michigan released the following statement regarding the Glasgow situation:

"We have been made aware of Graham's probation violation and he has been suspended. Graham will be subject to punishment through the judicial system, the student-athlete alcohol policy and the Michigan football program."