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Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno on spring game draft: "It makes you a better coach"

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno discusses the excitement and tribulations that come with a spring game draft of his own players.

Tim Drevno discussing the state of his offense after spring practice with reporters.
Tim Drevno discussing the state of his offense after spring practice with reporters.
Joshua Henschke

If anyone knows how Jim Harbaugh likes to run a program, it's offensive coordinator Tim Drevno.

A regular feature for Harbaugh-led programs, each spring the coaching staff splits into two teams and conducts a fantasy football-style draft where each team is composed of players on the roster. The teams will square off at the end of spring and conduct an official "game", something that Michigan fans haven't seen for quite some time.

For Drevno, drafting a team of your own players isn't as easy as it may seem.

"It's something we've done in the past with coach Harbaugh," Drevno told reporters on Tuesday. "It's exciting times when you go through the roster and you pick out the strengths and weaknesses. You pick out your positions and you're strategizing as the draft goes on as you have to fill those positions to make sure you don't lose out on somebody."

"Really, as a coaching staff when you split up, it makes you a better coach."

Drevno elected not to speak on the players he drafted or his overall strategy of building his team. Instead, he told reporters to "wait and see on Saturday".

The two teams are captained by Drevno and defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin with members of the coaching staff assigned to the two teams to aid in the draft selection process, much like an NFL Draft setting.

Was there any trash talk between the two competitors? Hardly, says Drevno.

"No, we wouldn't do that. We're competitive, which is fun."