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Jim Harbaugh responds to summer football camp critics: You're invited

Jim Harbaugh's "Summer Swarm" football camps that are expected to take place across the country this summer has not come without critics, specifically from SEC country. On Friday, Harbaugh responded to those critics.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The "Summer Swarm" football camp tour the Michigan football staff will embark on this summer has not come without its fair share of critics. More specifically, SEC country.

In recent days, it drew the ire of Alabama football coach Nick Saban as well.

"If we're all going to travel all over the country to have satellite camps, you know, how ridiculous is that?" Saban said. "I mean we're not allowed to go to all-star games, but now we're going to have satellite camps all over the country. So it doesn't really make sense."

Harbaugh has remained relatively quiet regarding his camps until Friday when he finally responded to his critics. And he did so in the most eloquent and subtle way possible.

Inviting the critics to be keynote speakers.

"As a collegial gesture we invite coaches from every college to be involved in our football camp," Harbaugh tweeted Friday.

Also included in the tweet was a letter outlining "Exposure U".

- Montana coach Bob Stitt has accepted Harbaugh's invitation