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Quick update: Lawrence Marshall discusses "Ball Hawk" shirt

Lawrence Marshall was asked about a particular article of clothing he was wearing after Saturday's spring game.

Lawrence Marshall and his "Ball Hawk" shirt
Lawrence Marshall and his "Ball Hawk" shirt
Joshua Henschke

It's no surprise that new Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh has brought new philosophies and ways to motivate his players into Ann Arbor. Whether it be the "winners" of the day running, particular phrases, recruiting strategies or even pieces of clothing.

One motivational tool in particular is a "Ball Hawk" shirt that is handed out to players who make great plays on the defensive side of the football in practice.

Redshirt freshman Lawrence Marshall wore his shirt into the media room after Saturday's practice and was asked about the shirt and if everyone on the defense gets one.

"It depends," Marshall said. "Ball Hawk is when you're in practice and if you knock the ball down, rush the passer or cause a fumble you get one of these shirts. I got mine."

Does this mean that the "Ball Hawk" shirt club is fairly exclusive, right? It doesn't appear that way according to Marshall. Just how many players have a shirt?

"A lot."