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Thursday Morning Brews (4/9/15)

More spring practice fallout.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Stops The Run

Presser Bullets #9

The defensive backfield looks to be stronger. It will be interesting if Cardale Jones takes advantage of this spring to round out his passing abilities, adding touch and route savvy to his arm strength. I wouldn't put it past them all to make it happen, and coaches have said he's significantly improved so far.

Alex Malzone Has A "Place To Improve From"

Again, Malzone looked very nice for essentially a high school athlete. He needs some time in the weight room, and obviously assimilating himself more in the game. But the off-season praise of his high school winning record was well-founded.

SI's Ten Comeback Players of 2015

Bralon Addison looks very nice for Oregon. Meanwhile, two of the ten mentioned are Michigan players.

Harbaugh Wants Better Catching Ability From WRs

Reps will help that develop naturally. This has been a heavy off-season workload, learning the playbook, working with new coaches, and honing stamina from long practices. Making tough catches will be the (important) finishing touch to making them game-ready in the fall.

Lawrence Marshall Talks Spring Ball, Development

Experienced players helping younger ones was a missing piece from some of Hoke's teams as attrition and poor recruiting decisions really started to hit home. This team is a family, and that is a recipe to seeing younger guys step up.

Top Ten Coaches on the Hot Seat

We're now in a month that's spelled with letters, which means it's a perfectly normal time to talk about head coach firings. Tim Beckman comes in at #2, one of three Big Ten coaches to make the list.

Tevin Coleman Played Seven Games With Broken Foot

For the record, that's about 1,200 of his 2,036 rushing yards on the season.

South Carolina In Danger In SEC East

This has been talked about here before, but the SEC East is improving around Steve Spurrier and he needs to pull out some more tricks, as this article details.

Spring Stock Watch

A few of the spring game's standouts were on the defensive line - Lawrence Marshall and Mo Hurst in particular - which makes it even more likely that Henry Poggi will be spending much of this season on the offensive end.