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Michigan Sports Recap: Big Ten Champs

Michigan softball keeps playing better as the spotlight gets bigger.

Vladimir Rys/Getty Images

Last weekend, a sweep of the Nittany Lions ensured a Big Ten title - but there was still work to do. Thanks to a 16-1 annihilation of Penn State in the tournament (marking four straight wins by an average of 11-1), a 9-0 victory against Northwestern and a 6-1 win over Nebraska, the Wolverines are Big Ten Tournament champs, too.

Today is Selection Sunday, so the team will know tonight where they fit in the NCAA tournament.

There were some timely hits by the offense, but the pitching stole the show. Nebraska managed three hits total; Penn State and Northwestern each had just one.

Another accomplishment in a distinguished career, this also gave Coach Hutchins an iconic win.

Oh yeah, and Sierra Romero played well.

For more highlights and analysis, BTN has you covered. Michigan stands at 48-6 not including the tournament, and they'll be competing with some of the absolute best in the country. Other elite teams include Florida (49-5), LSU (44-10), Oregon (44-5), Alabama (41-11), Auburn (46-9), and UCLA (44-8).


It may be the off-season, but Michigan players both current and former were busy at work.

Er, no comment on that one. It was also great to see a return to Twitter for Gwendolyn Bush, the unofficial team mom who's given another level of Twitter access to team goings-on.


With the track and field season winding down, Michigan's players are elevating their game with several personal-best scores.

Today was also the end of the Big Ten baseball regular season. Michigan's taking 'em out in style, leading Northwestern 5-1 in the sixth.

Michigan rowing found itself ranked #12 this week, as they prepare for a Big Ten tournament.

Women's tennis is alive and well, thanks to a 4-2 win over DePaul. The #11-ranked Michigan team will be in the NCAA Sweet 16 for the fifth time in six years.

That's it for this week. Good luck to women's tennis, which plays this Friday at 1 p.m., and all the other athletes gearing up for Big Ten tournament showings. Go Blue!