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Tuesday Morning Brews (5/19/15)

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Hitting the Links Enjoys A Nighttime Stroll

Previewing the Preview of Ohio State-Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech faces their toughest test on the first game of the year, as they avoid Florida State or Clemson. The Hokies won 10 games every year from 2004-11, but are 22-17 since.

That is part of the reason why, unfortunately, this game is setting itself up to be a blowout. Virginia Tech has a returning QB with some talent (Michael Brewer), but their offensive line is a bit of a wreck and will have to keep Bosa & Co. out of the backfield if Brewer has any success at all. Also, VT will be breaking in some new starting safeties, and they will be the first team to see Ohio State's three-quarterback monster in action.

SI Highlights Michigan's Gwendolyn Bush Hire

For a hire that, at its core, is a great team-building and program-building innovation, it's been the family connections to a grad transfer that propelled this to the front page of At least 60% of this college football potpourri article is about Michigan.

An Argument For Satellite Camps, From Oregon State

Michigan is mentioned in an interesting context. Teams like Penn State and Michigan, this argues, don't really need satellite camps in the same way that Minnesota, Oregon State, or Boise State might. A good read.

Expanding DBU

There were some spats on the Web this week about who the real DBU is; Florida fans may feel differently, but LSU deserves some credit for coining the phrase as well as for its recent run of truly dominant play-makers in the back end. Regardless, LSU is not content to replicate yesteryear's success; their aim is to use seven-star athletes on both sides of the ball. (Is 'seven-star' a thing? I'll say it's a thing.)

Admiring Mississippi State's Rise to Relevancy

Credit to Dan Mullen for creating a winning attitude coupled with a good graduation rate.

College Football Attendance Reaches 11-Year Low

Michigan lost its attendance crown, while Texas A&M surpasses the Longhorns for the first time ever. Ohio State, Rutgers, and Maryland also enjoyed nice bumps in attendance.

Nick Saban Argues Against Playoff + Bowl Games

Saban hasn't been in the news quite as much as Harbaugh, but he's had a pretty big share of headlines during the off-season. Unfortunately, from Jonathan Taylor's dismissal to bemoaning a lack of mojo, most of them have been bad headlines.

Ranking Pac-12's Quarterback Situations

Oregon is down at #5, but something tells me they'll be great as usual. This also has an interesting point about Kevin Hogan's near-invisible late-season surge, and how 2015 might be a 'breakout' year for the star Cardinal.

Inside Dwayne Haskins' Commitment to Maryland

This is huge for the Terps, to get, basically, their own Shane Morris. After so many recruiting misses, something finally sticks for Randy Edsall.

Penn State Grabs Stanford OL Transfer

Kevin Reihner appeared in 6 games last year, and has nine appearances in his career. Still, he'll be an upgrade for a Penn State line in need of bodies. Now Reihner gets to practice against Anthony Zettel, who just showed he can uproot a rotten tree with form tackling.

Hype For Utah's Devontae Booker

The star running back known as Baby Marshawn Lynch will try to improve on his 1,800 total yards from last year.

Summary of Cardale Jones' Off-Season Twitter

The praise is over the top - "[he] should probably become a brand strategy consultant" - but this is still a good look at Twitter + personality.

Braxton Miller Staying at Ohio State

This isn't news, despite everyone wanting it to be. Miller has been consistent through the whole off-season about wanting to stay with the Buckeyes. This is near the bottom because I agree with the author's note in the link that this has been talked about enough.

Orlando Scandrick Bio

An NFL link, but a very interesting one that I'd recommend watching. Scandrick is a former fifth-round pick out of Boise State who has grown every year he's been in the league. Now he's turning into the game's defensive stars, with a brash attitude to match. He has a lot more than that going on, though.

The Film Room: Randy Gregory

This is another Youtube link about a Dallas Cowboy. This whole series is top-notch, but this was maybe my favorite. Brett talks about why he feels Gregory, the #60 pick in the draft, was maybe his favorite player out of all of them.