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Rick Neuheisel: Harbaugh "Jim Schwartzed me"

Rick Neuheisel appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and shared an "awkward moment" with then-Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Jim Harbaugh has never been afraid of making enemies, this we already know. Harbaugh also happens to be very good at angering coaches or making a scene during postgame handshakes as well.

There was "what's your deal?" with former USC head coach Pete Carroll and then there was the infamous post-game scuffle by former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz.

Did Harbaugh do it again with another coach? It appears to be that way.

Former UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday to discuss various topics and to premier a new song. A question was asked by Patrick for Neuheisel to discuss any awkward post-game handshake moments, Neuheisel was quick to mention Harbaugh.

"I had (an awkward moment) with Jim Harbaugh, he 'Jim Schwartzed' me," said Neuheisel. "He came across, slapped my hand and said 'what did you think about that, Ricky?' and took off running. You have that moment where you think, 'did that just happen?'"

Neuheisel gave same backstory to the post-game handshake. His UCLA team had beaten Harbaugh's Stanford team late in the game the year prior and an upset Harbaugh did not exchange words. The next season it was Harbaugh's turn to win the game late, which prompted the excited Harbaugh to slap Neuheisel's hand.

Neuheisel watched the events with Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz unfold on television himself, he commented on the exchange between the two to Patrick.

"I see it and said 'he did it again!'," Neuheisel said. "Who else but Jim Harbaugh could make the postgame handshake must see TV?"