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Thursday Morning Brews (5/21/15)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Is Scared of Titanoboas

All-Urban Meyer Team

This was a great exercise. Also, this team is terrifying.

How Harbaugh Is Changing Recruiting - Again

This is a must-read. Ben Axelrod talks about Michigan's upcoming QB camp.

What Does Florida State Get From Everett Golson?

Golson has struggled more than most at handling pressure in the pocket, and Florida State is revamping their line. But Golson also has a proven track record in big moments, just like Winston.

SI Piece on Harbaugh

This was really well done.

B1G Might Change Time Obligations For Players"Not The Minor Leagues"

This is much more realistic and helpful round of ideas than freshman ineligibility. Also, the second link is more basketball-centric, but it gives a face to some of the push-back against athletics in the Big Ten.

Brett Favre Will Play Flag Football At Camp Randall

The Big Ten is entertaining, in a way it wasn't a little while ago.

Recruiting Staff News, Other Updates

This was an interesting read about some goings-on in Michigan's athletic department.

2015 Projected Depth Chart

What stands out is the depth at certain spots - third-string Bryan Mone, fourth-string Mo Hurst, fourth-string Drake Johnson, second-string Ben Gedeon. Depth charts will be less useful this year, though, with Harbaugh mixing and matching the right pieces to get as much talent on the field as he can. Henry Poggi, Chase Winovich, and Royce Jenkins-Stone will see the field in some capacity.

SB Nation Preview: Indiana

Bill Connelly talks about a number of things that have gotten some air time here before - from Indiana's make-or-break season to the impressive but challenging work Kevin Wilson has handled. Also: Nate Sudfeld is an unknown quantity in some respects, since he was injured in '14 and shared quarterback duties with Tre Roberson in 2013. But in his career, he has a 34-13 touchdown ratio and has never had a season below a 60% completion rate.

SB Nation Preview: Purdue

This wasn't discussed in this preview, but no matter who wins Purdue's quarterback battle - Danny Etling or Austin Appleby - Purdue will have the worst quarterback in the Big Ten. Both struggled mightily a year ago.

Laviano vs. Rettig

On The Banks looks at Rutgers' spring game, and sums up how the QB battle looks right now.

SB Nation Preview: Notre Dame

Folston doesn't get the attention, but he is turning into one of the better running backs in the nation. Four of his five 100-yard games came in the second half of last year.

The Rise of Australian Punting

There will be four Australian punters in the Big Ten next year.

Mike Slive Q&A

This was a good look behind the curtains at one of the game's more influential figures over the last decade.

Michigan's Strengths and Weaknesses

This is horse meat to some extent, but that's to be expected during the off-season. Also, Michigan's pass rush concerns - which this preview emphasizes - are a bit overblown with a three-man front and Michigan's fabulous D-line. The passing game and even depth in the secondary are at least as pressing.

ACC: Most Meaningful Moments From 2014...Big Ten...Big 12

This was a good look at the storylines that dominate each conference and where they began.