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Michigan Sports Recap: So Many Championships

A *particularly* successful week this week.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

And it's on. Michigan beat Georgia 10-3, then 7-6, to sweep the Bulldogs out of the NCAA tournament. And pizza was had by everybody.

Many of the usual suspects that got them here delivered timely performances, including Megan Betsa, Sierra Romero, and Haylie Wagner. This series provided a slight hint that things get harder against top competition - Betsa pitched eight innings, and gave up six runs, while the team batted .310 against Georgia's arms (for comparison, they entered the weekend batting .344).

Still, it was more than enough. There were great performances by many of Michigan's hitters, including a 4-RBI game by left-fielder Kelly Christner, a 3-4, 2-RBI night by right-fielder Kelsey Susalla, and even a solo home run by Haylie Wagner.

It's also worth pointing out that Sierra Romero, who already has the NCAA record for career grand slams, etched her name on some more of Michigan's record books.


Well, this was a bit surprising - Michigan baseball has torn through the Big Ten tournament and ousted, well, everybody.

It's easy to look at the tournament game - a 4-3 nail-biter with Maryland - but there was timely hitting throughout and even a comeback win over #4 Illinois.


The Regents have approved the design for what will eventually be a completely re-imagined South Campus.

For those who aren't around Ann Arbor regularly, the city is always changing and growing. With worldly spectacles like Real Madrid vs. Manchester United, or the 2014 NHL Winter Classic, Ann Arbor is finding a place on the map in the sports world, even while football is down.

Rowing celebrated a great achievement this week: they will appear in the NCAA championships.

The #2 spot in the Big Ten championships provided a needed boost. And, they're already getting ready for the next challenge.

Michigan football announced a Military Appreciation Game:

Also, here's some film of new transfer Wayne Lyons.

The football team was one of fourteen programs to earn APR recognition this week. Of the fourteen teams, more than a third are in the Big Ten. Also, nine other Michigan sports earned APR honors - a record.

Dylan Larkin is moving on from Michigan hockey, to hopefully bigger and better things. We wish him well while also hoping for a good send-off in Red Berenson's final year.

Trey Burke was in the Philippines for NBA Cares, and he showed off some ups:

That's it for this week. Follow me on Twitter, and as always, Go Blue.