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2015 NCAA College Baseball Tournament Bracket Announced: U-M third seed, will play Bradley

The 2015 NCAA college baseball tournament bracket was announced on Monday with the Wolverines set to play Bradley in the Fullerton Regional.

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The brackets are set and the route for the national championship is clear for the Michigan Wolverines baseball squad.

Announced Monday on ESPN, the 2015 NCAA College Baseball Tournament brackets are set and the Wolverines were named a three-seed in the tournament thanks to a lengthy run to the Big Ten Tournament championships and secured an autobid.

The Wolverines will be paired against second-seed Bradley who finished the regular season with a record of 35-19 and lost a chance for an autobid in the MVC finals over the weekend.

The game is scheduled to air at 2 p.m. EST on ESPN 3.

The rest of the bracket breaks down as follows:

Fullerton Regional match-ups:

1. CS Fullerton (34-22) vs. 4. Pepperdine (30-27) Fri, 10 ET ESPN 3

3. Clemson (32-27) vs. 2. Arizona St. (34-21) Fri, 6 ET ESPN 3

Louisville Regional match-ups:

1. Louisville (43-16) vs. 4. Morehead St. (38-20) Fri, 6 ET ESPN 3
3. Michigan (37-23) vs. 2. Bradley (35-19) Fri, 2 ET ESPN 3