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Tuesday Morning Brews (5/26/15)

Lots of quarterbacks settling in to new homes.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Running Back Haiku

Trying to catch a breath -

the autumn air is stinging

like the linebackers

Hitting the Links Enjoys The Rain

Handling Packaged Run/Pass Options

This was easy to digest X's and O's from Eleven Warriors that explained how much of Oregon's offense works, and why the Buckeyes were able to stop it.

Matt Millen Leaving ESPN; Will Work For FOX, BTN

Apparently, FOX owns 51% of the Big Ten Network. Millen will also see a prominent role on Fox Sports 1 for both college and pro coverage.

What Can Kenny Hill Do For TCU?

Boykins' successor will have to prove he can calm his partying habits.

What Can Everett Golson Do For FSU?

Winston's successor has to prove he can protect the ball, and he'll be challenged to develop his game before the NFL Draft.

Analyzing Rudock's Game, Part III

MGoBlog looks under the hood of another game and starts feeling confident about our transfer quarterback.

Army-Navy Game Not Moving

There's something refreshing about this; the game itself has enough history and intrigue.

Is Tom Herman Destined For Success?

With the two blue-chip defensive tackles he was able to lure this week, Herman is certainly on a good track to turn Houston into an AAC power.

MSU Winning Recruiting Battles Against The Bluebloods

And the transformation to the dark side is complete.

Top 25 Linebackers

This is easy to digest and worth a peruse. Joshua Perry is definitely overrated, and Ed Davis is underrated. Penn State's Nyeem Wartman-White was a demon on the outside and along the boundaries last year; it will be interesting to see how his game changes to the inside, a bit like Jake Ryan.

SB Nation's Illinois Preview

Wes Lunt does have an injury problem. It's one of the bigger reasons why Illinois might regress. In high school, Lunt broke his foot his senior year, missing most of the season. At Oklahoma State, he had a dislocated knee cap and a concussion that kept him out seven games. After sitting out 2013, he sprained his MCL and broke his left leg while at Illinois, missing another five games.

SB Nation's Rutgers Preview

If I were to rank the skill positions across the Big Ten, Ohio State would undoubtedly come first, followed by Michigan State, Nebraska, and then Rutgers. And it's worth pointing out that the two offensive linemen that Rutgers returns were two of the best-looking linemen they had last year.

West Division Favorite?

Nebraska is intriguing and explosive on offense - I fully expect Tommy Armstrong to flourish under the guide of a quarterback guru who rejuvenated Eli Manning's career. At the same time, lack of proven guys on offense, an offensive line that can't go toe-to-toe with the best in the Big Ten, and a scary lack of depth at various spots on defense make this a potentially rough year for Mike Riley.

Then again, if he can pull a James Franklin and shore up his defense despite tenuous depth, then Nebraska is definitely a favorite.

Challenges Facing Charlie Strong, Texas

This is shaping up to be a rough year for both Texas and Kansas, the latter of which was crippled by Charlie Weis' penchant for grabbing absurd numbers of JUCO prospects. As strong as the Big 12 occasionally looked in 2014, it might look more top-heavy this next year.

Keith Ford Will Transfer to Texas A&M

A&M has been lacking an elite back; they haven't had a 600-yard rusher each of the last two years.

Hot Topics At SEC Spring Meetings

Satellite camps, cost of attendance for student-athletes, and transfer rules that may have kept Everett Golson out of the SEC will be some of the things up for discussion.

Mailbag: Harbaugh, West Respect & More

Bruce Feldman lays out what a successful first season for Harbaugh would be, plus who wins the OSU quarterback battle.

Urban Meyer, The Photobomber

Ohio State has worked harder than everyone else, and they've had fun at the same time. When Urban Meyer integrated himself in the Big Ten and learned his lessons from Florida, I think he was able to find something deeply valuable along the way.