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Jabrill Peppers attacks NCAA, calls monthly stipend "indentured servant checks"

Jabrill Peppers tweeted some unflattering thoughts about his NCAA stipend checks.

Jabrill Peppers takes a shot at the NCAA on Twitter
Jabrill Peppers takes a shot at the NCAA on Twitter

Jabrill Peppers took to Twitter on Tuesday to discuss the NCAA and the results were, simply put, unflattering.

The NCAA allows each university to allocate a certain amount of money each month to student athletes to afford living expenses (if living outside of the dorms), food, etc. For Peppers, it appears that he was not thrilled with the NCAA and his ability to eat.

"I don't know how the NCAA thinks we are supposed to eat right with these little indentured servant checks they give us," Peppers tweeted. "I should've stayed in the dorms.

"I'm about to eat my first meal of the day and that's oodles of noodles."

At the dorms, student athletes are placed onto a meal plan run through the University.

Below is a screenshot of the tweets in case they are deleted:

Peppers is one of many student athletes who have complained about going hungry in the past, former Tennessee running back Arian Foster admitted in a documentary to taking food from a coach because he was hungry and had no food.