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Michigan Sports Recap: Blue Skies

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

It was an easy week for the softball team, as summer starts filling the streets and classes are all finished. Hutchins' squad is finishing a three-game set today with Penn State, having won the first two - 17-1. They lead today, 7-0.


Yesterday, Michigan added thousands more to its leading number of alumni worldwide. This includes the student-athletes:

There have been plenty of families walking around Ann Arbor this week, lots of photos being taken, and even more annoyed drivers than usual. Pretty soon, things will quiet down.


In a similar vein, a number of Michigan's athletes found out where they'll be working this next year.


Even though Mike Babcock may be moving on, Dylan Larkin is doing pretty well, thank you very much:

And rowing, too.

While the track and field teams took in California during some non-scoring action, Chris Maye ran across Jessica Alba and CT Fletcher.

Finally, baseball is also in action today, having split a pair of games with #16 Iowa. An ugly loss (13-7), then a beautiful win (11-5), and now a 1-0 Iowa lead heading into the fourth inning. Good luck, guys, and Go Blue.