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Thursday Morning Brews (6/11/15)

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H.t.L. Is Not Ready To Be Eaten By Dinosaurs

Jim Tressel Inducted Into OSU Hall of Fame

It's hard to be surprised about this. Fan bases will usually forgive a single, big transgression from a revered coach.

Athlon 2015 Big Ten Preview

The Michigan preview is rock-solid but nothing new. They predict a 7-5 finish for the Maize and Blue.

On Michigan State's "Fearsome Foursome"

Football features everything from 6'6", 320-pound linemen to 5'7" speedsters. But the prototypes have gotten a little closer - defensive tackles and ends have gotten a little more similar, and linebackers are more safety-sized. Corners have gotten bigger and stronger. You're starting to see some tight ends like Chase Winovich, trying to exploit mismatches in the slot with some amount of size.

Cardale Jones: There Are "Two Guys In Front Of Me"

You can take the quarterback out of the third string, but you can't take the third string out of the quarterback.

Michael Onwenu Impressing On The Camp Circuit

Onwenu is Harbaugh's second offensive line commit. The first, Nolan Ulizio, was a two-star in the last cycle who didn't get a lot of attention, especially next to Grant Newsome, who garnered high praise. Still, there are a lot of similarities between Onwenu and Ulizio.

First, they play with balance. In the very first step after the snap or the tenth, both of these guys know what they're doing with their core. Both have a road-grader mentality; though Ulizio has less weight to work with (at 6'5", 293, he projects at tackle), he seems to love pancaking defenders, and will lean into his blocks to tap into his more developed upper-body strength and drive people down the field. He also has long, quick arms to reach a defender quickly. (As for why Ulizio is low-rated, he will need some time in the weight room. And there will be an adjustment to taking on blocks at the college level.)

Most importantly, both of them fit 'the Harbaugh mold.' They simply go; they get it. There's an amount of instinct behind the physical gifts that bodes well for how these guys will develop. When you watch Ulizio or Onwenu on a football field, they show physical tools as well as an intuitive understanding of how to reach into that toolbox.

Brandon Peters Talks To MLive

Jedd Fisch is probably in Ann Arbor for just the one year; since he was fired by Jacksonville, Michigan didn't have to pay him the 'market value' of an NFL pass game veteran. Fisch gets to share notes with Tim Drevno and Harbaugh, while also getting a year to figure out his next move.

Chris Evans Talks To MLive

Evans seems like a great personality and a hard worker. Hoke brought in high-character guys, but Harbaugh is bringing in vocal high-character guys. Upgrade? You bet it is.

Big Ten Mailbag: Figuring Out Appropriate Doubting Levels

Michigan, Maryland, and Minnesota are mentioned, and Christian Hackenberg is critiqued.

Perception Problems Mounting For Iowa

This was a very interesting article centered around a popular comedian taking shots at the Iowa program.

Great Early Returns For Devin Funchess

The Carolina Panthers are planning to use Funchess all over the field, after they sharpen his game up.

Five Five-Year Storylines For The SEC East

In 2009, six SEC teams spent parts of the season ranked. This peaked in 2012, with eleven, while the next two seasons saw 10 and 9 teams ranked. Georgia has stayed pretty consistent near the top of the SEC East, and 2015 might offer the Bulldogs - or someone - a break-through.

Vanderbilt is back in the basement, trying to find a new formula. Kentucky started 5-0 and ended 5-7. South Carolina has slipped into a weird state of limbo without Jadeveon Clowney and with an aging Steve Spurrier. And Florida is hoping the floor they will find themselves on this year has a carpet. Meanwhile, Tennessee, Missouri and Georgia all believe they can win the East.

The Quarterback Storyline Of The B1G West

Great and direct headline for this.

The Death Of DL U?

LSU is famous for its great DBs, great D-linemen and its quotes from Les Miles. But the DL hasn't lived up to its own expectations the last couple seasons, and next year will be another test. Also, the end of this article is terrific.

Ricky Aguayo Commits To Florida State

This gives FSU two of the top three kickers in the 2016 class. Both are on scholarship.

Baylor Being Baylor

The two lowest-rated recruits in Baylor's 2016 class - both of them are two-stars out of Texas - also happen to be the two fastest. Baylor has gotten a lot of mileage out of threatening to take the top off of a defense with speed; it lets them get underneath stuff easier and empties the box for their running back.

And, less interesting perhaps, but Baylor, TCU, UT, Texas A&M, and Houston have 46 commits right now. Forty of them are in-state players. It's a rare state that can supply five ambitious FBS schools with entire recruiting classes.

Oregon: Nation's Best Receiving Corps?

Phil Steele thinks so, and there's a great statistical case for it. Baylor is in the mix as well, and Florida State has added three five-stars in the last two years.

Playoff's Year 2 Roundtable

ESPN sits down and talks about the Playoff in Year 2. The two changes in the Committee are due to Archie Manning retiring and Oliver Luck (who is the father of Andrew Luck) taking a position in the NCAA offices as Mark Emmert's right-hand man.

Internet Wars: Satellite Camp Ed., Pt. XVI

Honestly, I try to avoid drama links, but this pretty aptly sums up both sides of the satellite camps debate right now. Also, as soon as David Brandon was introduced at Toys 'R' Us, I was wondering what joke or burn it was going to produce. Brian Cook got it.

Struggles Continue On Magnolia Ave.

Okay, I usually try to avoid drama links, and I'm determined to not dish any bad stories about Roll Bama Roll. They're a lovely community.

Finally, a blip of NBA news: