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Sports Recap: Outdoor Track Championships

Another week? Yep, more good news for Michigan.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Track and field

The NCAA Championships took place this weekend in Eugene, Oregon, and Michigan's representatives fared well - none better than junior Cindy Ofili.

She owns multiple school records, following the footsteps of her sister, Olympian Tiffany Porter. ESPN Women has a great piece on Cindy and her quest for greatness, while MGoBlue has a full recap of a truly great showing by the women's side:

Meanwhile, all three of the athletes on the men's side picked up All-American recognition: Cody Riffle and Morsi Rayyan nabbed honorable mention, and Mason Ferlic won 2nd team in the 3,000-meter steeplechase.

Also of note:


There isn't too much news during the off-season, but we can off-set that slightly with black and white photography:

Also, there's a camp coming up.

Unfortunately, Colin Kaepernick won't be in attendance, but once again Michigan will be dominating off-season headlines.


The MLB Draft took place last week, and five Wolverines heard their names called:

The draft is a lengthy, hit-or-miss process, both for fans and the players themselves. The Detroit Tigers SB Nation page has more:


Ann Arbor will host the field hockey NCAA championships soon:

And, basketball and wrestling will be undergoing some changes.

Finally, UM's softball season may be over, but the effects are still being felt.