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Tuesday Morning Brews (6/16/15)

Transfer news, and remembering a special day in 2011.

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David Beaty, with Johnny Football
David Beaty, with Johnny Football
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hitting the Links Is Not Proud

Who The Buckeyes Can Least Afford To Lose

Last year, the Buckeyes lost Noah Spence and did just fine. But their secondary is definitely a potential weak spot.

OTL Investigation: Athletes Avoiding Charges | Sumlin: 'Really Changed Our Approach'

This is some fabulous reporting by Outside the Lines, as usual. Whether it's Notre Dame's policies that inhibited police from investigating a rape, or the associate athletic director for Florida State working as a "fixer," this is exactly the underbelly of football that has to be eliminated.

Danny Etling Transferring From Purdue

Quarterback is Purdue's weakest position. If there was a leader on that team, who was capable of driving a team down the field, Purdue is a different team.

New Wolverines: Victor Viramontes | Sean McKeon | Rashad Weaver

It's worth noting that Jim Harbaugh and D.J. Durkin are recruiting versatile defenders whose body types seem to fit in a 3-4. Michigan looked pretty unchanged in the spring game, but this will be a different defense in years to come.

Michigan State vs. Ohio State

They recruit differently; MSU is a more Midwestern program, focused in diamonds in the rough, while OSU is big and flashy. The two programs have built identities on different sides of the ball. But one thing they do have in common is their swagger when they hit the football field. They work really hard, and believe they can beat anybody.

Changing The Business of Football

The 'death of football' storyline is far overblown, but there is a changing attitude toward the game and what players get out of it. Ten years ago, if a player was injured, casual fans probably didn't think much of it. Now, there's more care and awareness for all the athletes who make up a game we love.

Problems, Benefits With Early Signing Period

SB Nation breaks down winners and losers from a potential big change in college recruiting.

Attrition At Nebraska: David Santos, Two Others

Some see the West Division battle as coming down between Wisconsin and Nebraska, with Minnesota as a dark-horse. But in my mind, if Nebraska wins 9 or 10 games again, Mike Riley and his staff deserve some commendation for pulling a run defense together, patching up depth at linebacker and transitioning to a new offense in their first year.

Attrition At Kansas | 'Toughest' Rebuilding Job

An amazing statistic: when new head coach David Beaty took over the program, he had just 42 scholarship players for the next year.

Jim Harbaugh Planning Summer Swarm 2016 | Too Much 'Star-Gazing'

Michigan fans will have to adjust to a different approach, because Harbaugh certainly isn't stopping any time soon. One thing that can't be said is that Harbaugh is taking the lazy way out of anything, because his staff has evaluated and offered more players than most programs in the country. Just like he's taking it to the SEC, Harbaugh is now making the evaluators at Scout and Rivals sweat a little bit, too.

Stewart Mandel Mailbag: Explaining Satellite Camps

Hopefully our friends down south don't engage in 'collective paranoia.'

Rethinking Dan Beebe

Five years after the Big 12 was at risk of going the way of the Southwest Conference, the conference is doing pretty well with West Virginia and TCU.

Biggest Winners, Losers From Realignment

TCU is not #1 - Rutgers is.

Most Exciting: Maryland's Will Likely | Iowa's Tevaun Smith

I've seen Will Likely - 5'7", 175 - tackle tight ends one-on-one with no problem. He is not fun to play against.

Rutgers Position Previews: QBRB | WR

Hats off to the writer of these, Timothy Wentz.

An Easy Schedule For Wisconsin

Iowa's 2014 schedule was ballyhooed all year. While their 2015 schedule is light-weight as well, Wisconsin may have beaten them at cupcakes. (Minnesota and Nebraska, meanwhile, face TCU, BYU, and Miami out of conference, and MSU, OSU, and UM in the East. Wisconsin and Iowa avoid all of that.)

15 Fastest College Players

The run-away winner is ... the Pac-12, with six inclusions. The ACC and Big 12 have three apiece, and the SEC and Big 10 combine for three.

Flashback: 2011 Houston Cougars

Kevin Sumlin had the Cougars flying high for four years, with Case Keenum throwing for 5,000 yards three times under the former Big Ten player. The 2009 team had three 1,000-yard receivers, and 6,000 passing yards overall. The 2011 team had 6,301 yards through the air, and another 2,086 on the ground, led by Charles Sims (821 yards at 7.5 per carry).